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The USB Antivirus + The Toolkit
Screenshot of IKill 2.1.4

IKill 2.1.4



Язык интерфейса: English
Операционные системы: Win95 / Win98 / WinME / Windows2000 / WinXP / Windows2003 / Windows Vista Starter / Windows Vista Home Basic / Windo
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Prevents Virus spreading through removable drives.


- It works by scanning the drives for the presence of removable drives.
- If found, it parses the autorun.inf file for the executables it may run.
- If AutoProtect is enabled, it will automatically delete the files present on the drive.
otherwise, you will be asked if you want the suspected files deleted.

In general a USB drive of any kind, a pendrive, ipod, mp3 Players, mobile phones, all
may contain viruses, they just act as carriers, the viruses/trojans exploit the autorun.inf file
to execute themselves whenever you try to open the drive by double clicking. They even may
shadow the Open, Explore, Search, etc, other features using the shell commands.. like..

shellExplorecommand = virus.exe

Here, when you right click on the drive icon and click on Explore, virus.exe would be launched,
infecting the whole system, and then it will start spreading by any means possible...

- So, the program parses the autorun.inf for you and deletes the virus/trojans.

There is no use of the autorun.inf in you removable drive. (It is rarely used by some applications to provide some added functionality, like the Wireless Config tool to help setup a home network. But, the applications are limited.) , you can safely delete it.

For advanced users
It also contains a task manager for killing processes (suspected viruses), a service controller to start and stop services and additional tools to enable registry, show hidden files, enable task manager, disable autorun.inf functionality, restart windows explorer and forced restarting system.
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iKill, USB Antivirus, Anti-Virus, Antivirus, Disable Autorun
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