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Find and download any music in two clicks.
Screenshot of TuneGet Basic 7.9.8

TuneGet Basic 7.9.8


Ramka Ltd.

Язык интерфейса: English
Операционные системы: Windows 8 / Win7 x32 / Win7 x64 / WinVista / WinVista x64 / WinXP / Win2000 / Win98 / WinMobile / Windows Phone 7 / Wind
Цена: $14.99
TuneGet is a break-through tool that finds and downloads any music from the web in two clicks for free. No hidden subscription fees. Get easy and quick downloads of any song from a huge database only at the cost of the program.

Key Benefits List:
- An easy two-click solution to search and download free music.
- User friendly interface and fast performance.
- Downloading music conveniently from the desktop, without going online.
- Fill your iPod with thousands of Free songs!
- Download entire albums legally.
- Find music easily even when you don't remember the artist or title exactly.
- Find and download music you only heard briefly by typing in a few words from the lyrics.
- Embrace the whole world of music only for the price of a program!

TuneGet user interface was built for intuitive use and fast performance. Your search results will come back within seconds. Song downloads are just as fast, in fact you can download entire albums within just a few minutes!

No more need to search for music on the internet. The doorway to the entire music world can be now on your desktop in the form of TuneGet.
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