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Handy volume control
Screenshot of Volcon 1.6

Volcon 1.6



Язык интерфейса: English
Операционные системы: WinXP / WinVista / Win2000 / Win98 / WinME / WinNT 4.x
Цена: $9.45
Volcon (VOLume CONtrol) is an easy to use utility that allows to control volume of sounds played with your computer by means of hot keys. Volcon provides the same functionality as the volume keys on the multimedia keyboard and besides this, it allows to set required volume level by only single press of hot key. And in addition to all of this you can also use the mouse wheel for volume adjustment. It provides the fastest and easiest way to control the volume of sounds.

Volcon can be useful during playing computer games, when there is no time for searching the sound settings. And of course it can be very useful to all those who often listens to music on the computer.

Main Volcon features are:
* Volume adjustment by means of mouse wheel
* On-Screen display
* Smooth volume adjustment by means of hot keys
* Setting volume by single press of hot key
* Hot key customization
* Autorun when Windows Starts
Ключевые слова:
volume control, master volume, audio mixers
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