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Screenshot of Solsium 1.5.0

Solsium 1.5.0



Язык интерфейса: English, Dutch
Операционные системы: WinXP / Windows2000 / Windows2003 / Windows Vista Ultimate / Windows Vista Ultimate x64 / Win98 / WinME / Windows
Цена: $42.00
Booking software for BED & BREAKFAST / GUEST HOUSES / HOTELS

- UNIQUE CALENDAR: We invested a lot of time in making the software really easy to use for all types of computer users. We succeeded.

- LOW PRICE / HIGH QUALITY: The way we develop software allows us to do more in less time with greater quality then our competitors. This results in low priced, high quality software for our users.

- INTUITIVE: A lot of effort went into the look and feel of the screens. We strongly believe that you should be able to use a software package without needing to read the manual. Things just need to be intuitive.

- MULTILINGUAL: A part in "easy to use software" is having it available in your own language. Solsium has been created with multiple languages in mind, and can be easily translated by any computer user into even more languages.

- FEEDBACK: We value our customers and understand that they are the users of the software. That's why we listen to our users. You opinion is important.

- SAFE: You don't have to worry about creating backups of your reservation data. Solsium will take care of this for you, like it should be.

- MULTIPLE INSTALLATION: Share the database with multiple installations of Solsium
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Bed and Breakfast, Booking, Reservation, Guest House, Vacation House
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