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Bed Rest Pillow - The Start Of Great Bed Tim
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Bed Rest Pillow

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Bed Rest Pillow - The Start Of Great Bed Time Experience. Almost everyone enjoys reading in bed. It's a simple pleasure, but often is interrupted by misbehaving pillows and resultant backaches. Propping yourself up in bed to read or watch TV shouldn't be about a battle with your pillows. There are pillows that can be used to create a comfortable experience. Consider a bed rest pillow, a pillow for lumbar support, for back or neck support, or even simply a reading pillow. We've all had this experience. We've settled into bed, looking forward to reading the latest best selling mystery. Just as soon as we get into the story line, a pillow goes over the wall and hits the floor. We ignore it until another pillow slides out of place. Then, that's followed by slamming the book shut, getting up and rearrange all the pillows. We just know there's got to be a better way to read in bed. Here's a list of possible solutions.
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