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Vehicle Manager for Palm OS
Screenshot of Vehicle Manager for Palm OS 3.5

Vehicle Manager for Palm OS 3.5


iambic, Inc.

Язык интерфейса: English
Операционные системы: Palm OS 4.0 / Palm OS 5.0
Цена: $19.95
Vehicle Manager consists of four sections (tabs) where you can record relevant information: Details, Insurance, Dealer and Notes.
Along with entering basics such the name of the car, its vehicle ID number, your insurance policy number and coverage details, specifics about the dealership where you purchased your car, you can also be entered into auto repair and maintenance history, fuel, trip, or other expenses by using Vehicle Manager??™s simple-to-follow text boxes.
The real value comes once Vehicle Manager has accumulated some history about your car. Then it can help you be more proactive by giving you a reminder when it is time to have your car serviced. It also provides a quick rundown of stats related to fuel economy and expenses incurred.
Easily store and retrieve important information about any number of personal or business vehicles, including insurance details, dealer contacts, Vehicle ID numbers, etc.
Track fuel consumption history by entering the fuel price, volume and current odometer.
Track all your repairs and maintenance information.
Log date, description, destination, start and end odometer, and notes about your business trips for submitting expense or tax reports.
Get notifications of recurring vehicle maintenance such as oil change by date or odometer reading.
"Quick Stats" data analysis for valuable statistics such as average and last fuel economy, fuel consumption, total cost of ownership and more.
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