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Pet grooming software. Mobile version.
Screenshot of Pet Grooming Software for Mobile 2.1

Pet Grooming Software for Mobile 2.1


Binary House Software

Язык интерфейса: English
Операционные системы: Android / iPhone
Цена: $19.95
The pet grooming software offers an extensive database that store in all details relating to scheduling of grooming processes, data of pets and clients, data relating to groomers and all financial earning information as well. This software is so easy to use and manage that within a simple glance the organizer can perform a search to find the animal that is to be groomed along with the multiple profiles of groomers that are capable of doing the job.
The pet grooming software??™s menu features four programs including Groomers, Clients, Reports and Scheduler. In the groomers section information about all groomers can be stored and easily retrieved whenever required. It can highlight the availability of groomers and save appointments and dates according to designated jobs. Similarly in the clients section all information relating to the client and pets can be stored including name, address, and contact details. You can easily list appointments and view client lists whenever you want and also make a phone call directly from the program to any client required.
The scheduler and reports section on the pet grooming software shows a calendar that depicts daily sales under each date using which you can calculate total sales along with details of daily sales as well. This calendar also makes it easy to schedule appointments and go through daily routine of commitments without any hassle. Also the reports section offers individual reports on the collective and daily earnings of every groomer saved in the database of the software and reports the collective earning per day as well, including all groomers earnings of the day.
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