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Auto-set files' name as title
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SharePoint Document Auto Title



Язык интерфейса: English, Chinese
Операционные системы: Windows2003
Цена: $99.00
SharePoint Document Auto Title provides a SharePoint workflow template named "Document Auto Title Workflow" to automatically set title for documents when documents are uploaded or modified.
Normally, when a document is uploaded to SharePoint document library, the title of the document will not be set automatically only in the case that the document has "Title" metadata. Usually you'd like the title of the uploaded document is as same as the file name by default without inputting the title manually in SharePoint Document library. Unfortunately you have to do that especially if you need to lookup documents while only Title not File Name can be used as "Get Information From".
SharePoint Document Auto Title can help you complete such a boring work. By Document Auto Title Workflow, you don't need to fill in Title column when documents are uploaded. After the documents have been uploaded, waiting for the workflow finished, the Title of documents will be filled automatically. But please remember: DO NOT edit the properties of the document when the workflow is running.
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