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Excellent Puzzle & Action game.
Screenshot of Ore Explorer For Pocket PC 1.15

Ore Explorer For Pocket PC 1.15


Mobile Games

Язык интерфейса: English
Операционные системы: Windows CE / Pocket PC / Windows Mobile 2003 / Windows Mobile 2005
Цена: $14.95
Excellent Puzzle & Action game.
Jack the young explorer has decided to collect a kind of ore for his country. This kind of ore is very rare in the world only distributing in forest,desert,iceberg,volcano and outer space. Meanwhile a lot of monster already starting to getting this ore. So Jack got to start his exploration as quick as possible. What will happen? No one can answer this question. Now it's up to you use your intelligence to help Jack finish his exploration. What are you waiting for?Let's start this excellent brain challenge game!

Game features:
60 original levels for brain challenge
10 training levels for basic skill
5 different game world
Increasing difficulty of quests
Bright attractive graphics
High Quality Music and Sound Effects
Ключевые слова:
Mobile Game, Pocket PC Game
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