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Sudoku for Kids provides 120 graded puzzles
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sudoku for kids

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Sudoku for Kids
Which of these Sudoku for Kids benefits applies to you?
You would like a puzzle which will keep your kids happily occupied
You want to develop your child's logic skills
Your kids already enjoy Sudoku puzzles
You want to develop your child's logic skills
Your kids want to try Sudoku puzzles but find even the adult ones too difficult
Your young child is gifted and needs to be stretched
You are a teacher looking for a good time-filling activity for the classroom
You run a children's club and are looking for quiet activities
You want something special to enjoy with your child or grandchild

Sudoku for Kids
What will you get when you Buy Sudoku for Kids?

* 20 "easiest" puzzles using a 4 x 4 grid for beginners
20 "easy" puzzles using a 6 x 6 grid for improvers
40 "standard" puzzles using a 9 x 9 grid
15 "tricky" puzzles using a 9 x 9 grid
15 "very tricky" puzzles using a 9 x 9 grid
10 "Sudoku Extra" puzzles, which include a secret hidden code word for children to discover

The puzzles are designed with kids in mind and use bright colors and fun graphics which children love. Sudoku for Kids is produced by www.Activityvillage.co.uk, which has been providing printable activities for kids on the internet since 2000.

Sudoku for Kids is Available for Instant Download,
with Easy and Safe payment by credit card.

Listen to a message from the author of Sudoku for Kids:

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But are Sudoku really suitable for children?

Put simply - YES!

Children of all abilities enjoy the challenge of a Sudoku puzzle, if the puzzle is age-appropriate (bear in mind that many of the puzzles published in newspapers are too difficult for younger children).
Sudoku puzzles develop your child's reasoning skills and concentration.

The UK government-produced Teachers magazine has recommended that Sudoku puzzles are done in the classroom as brain exercise!
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