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Medical Transcription Practice
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Medical Transcription Practice 2.0 2.0


Medical Transcription Practice

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Medical Transcription Practice
Get the medical transcription experience you need today for the job you want tomorrow!

Practice to perfection! Transcribe using any one of NINE unique medical specialties at TranscriptionPractice.com.

Limited time offer: Buy One Title and Get One Title Free! See Below for details.

Employees of the healthcare industry receive reliable income in any economic climate.

Practice and MORE practice: Closing the gap between transcription training and paid employment can be the most difficult part of becoming a medical transcriptionist. Absolute Experience?® contains comprehensive, au naturel physician dictation and has a track record of paving the way to gainful employment.

As a Qualified Medical Transcriptionist, Your Future Employment Opportunities are Endless...and Secure! Work as an employee, an independent contractor, or run your own service. Use your experience to work as a medical text editor for offices who have implemented EMR. "Trailing" is a new position that has come about due to EMR implementation. A "Trailer" is a transcriptionist who works in the medical office to input critical data and transcribe dictation live and by the physician's side.

As you can see, your options are plentiful!
~ How it Works ~

On your own time, at your own convenience, from your own home, you'll be able to download and transcribe the Absolute Experience?® .WAV audio files containing dictation of real physicians - not voiceover actors whose articulation and delivery are perfect. You have this rare opportunity to transcribe what working medical transcriptionists are transcribing on a daily basis.

For each medical specialty you purchase you will receive a FULL 120 MINUTES of dictation, plus the companion transcript keys. We are confident you will benefit IMMENSELY from your practice and will realize how important this practice is to your future as a medical transcriptionist.
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