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Brevium an Innovative Patient Recall Software
Screenshot of Innovative Patient Recall Software 2.0

Innovative Patient Recall Software 2.0


Innovative Patient Recall Software

Язык интерфейса: English
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Brevium is innovative patient recall software. It guarantees you positive returns in the very first month and around 500% returns from the second month onwards. For the doctors looking for old patient reactivation, brevium is the best choice. It finds every lost patient in your system whether they were recalled or not and gives you instantaneous results.
How Brevium Works?
Brevium reduces the efforts of your staff of pulling large charts to make calls to the old patients for recalling. It automatically searches the history of all the old patients overnight to find out the details of the lost patients. For patient reactivation the patient recall software analyses the data, segregate the patients in different groups based on different diseases like glaucoma, diabetes, cataracts etc.
The important feature of the patient reactivation software is that it always keeps your contact list complete and updated. With brevium you don??™t even need to hire new staff, because your current staff can make calls in down time and help you get your schedules filled.
Benefits it provides
With our patient reactivation software, your staff doesn??™t need to make large records of patients which always get lost whenever a new report comes. It provides the complete information on a single screen. It provides them an updated list and makes sure that there is not any appointment or recall which is pending. With brevium callers don??™t have to bother about the next attempt because the patient reactivation software determines the contact attempts while determining the next time and date to contact again.
It keeps everything clear and gives you reports with measured results. It gives you a complete report with the results of the number of patients it brings back, amount of revenue generated by it. It also includes the number and variety of methods added.
Schedule an online demo today only to try our patient recall software.
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