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Maintain Your Patient Volume with Brevium
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Maintain Your Patient Volume with US 2.0


Maintain Your Patient Volume with US

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What??™s the greatest asset for a doctor? Their patients only. What if, they don??™t have enough patient volume to treat? Doctors with insufficient patient volume need some strategy to get increased patient volume otherwise they won??™t be able to survive for a longer period.
Brevium, the excellent patient reactivation software is the best solution for the doctors striving hard to get increased patient volume. It provides you high patient volume by bringing your lost patients back. Brevium guarantees you that after installing it, you will never be in red.
Brevium automatically searches the history of your old patients to find out the lost patients. It analyze the data based on different aspects like the calls made to patients, appointments made , recalls given, number of patients who never turned up even after getting recalls and different diseases patients have like glaucoma, cataracts etc. Brevium always keeps your contact list complete and updated.
Brevium understands the different requirements of various medical practitioners and provides them the desired results. Like some doctors want to get increased patient volume just to fill their schedules, while the established doctors or surgeons are interested in getting increased number of surgical candidates or high risk patients. Doctors can configure Brevium in order to get the results they want.
Best feature of Brevium is that it doesn??™t need any EMR and works even if no recall is used by you.
It guarantees positive returns from the very first month with around 500% results from the second month onwards.
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