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Use Brevium and Increase Patient Volume
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Increase Patient Volume 2.0


Increase Patient Volume

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Are you fed up with your efforts to bring your lost patients back and increase patient volume in your medical practice? Your staff spends most of their time in making reports, printing them, digging through the cart notes, compiling call lists and preparing a follow-up list later on. These reports are also of no use and the old patients are completely forgotten once the next report rolls around.
Brevium will remove all these problems. The excellent patient reactivation software increases patient volume by bringing the lost patients back. It almost removes the hassle of maintaining the large reports and minimizes the manual work done by your staff.
Brevium is the best example of latest technology for the doctors looking forward to increase patient volume. This is the best solution for the doctors finding the answer of how to increase patient volume?
What will Brevium do for you?
??? Brevium allow you to focus on you specific goals, whether increasing surgical volume, increasing patient volume or filling schedules.
??? It automatically searches every patient's history nightly to discover lost patients and bring them back to give you high patient volume. It removes the requirement of manual chart review.
??? Brevium congregates all the information for each call onto a single screen, allowing your staff to make more calls in the extra time they get and increase patient volume
??? It records each contact attempt and verifies the right time to try again. With Brevium no more merging handwritten call notes with new reports are required
??? After installation of Brevium no more quitting after single calls will be there, it is important because it quitting calls have large impact on patient volume
??? With the reports it provides you will be able to find out exactly what different it is making. The reports include track calls made, patients reactivated, revenue and procedures generated, and appointments made & kept.
Please call up at 801-789-3000 to schedule an online demo
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