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Budget Tracker- track your expenses and money
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Budget Tracker 2.1


Duck Software

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Budget Tracker software can help you get your debt under control and help you to save money. A key factor in lowering your debt is understanding your personal finances. This budgeting software helps you track your monthly expenses such as groceries, cell phone, clothing, medical, rent, utilities and more. You can also customize the expenses such that you can specifically track items that are important to your budget. Over time, you will start to get a picture of what areas are consuming the majority of your income. You can then focus your savings on that area and make great strides in becoming debt free. Budget Tracker will show you what you spent that month as well as averages over several months so you can track how you are doing to your budget. All your expenses are shown on the main screen. This gives you a good quick overview of your personal finances and budget. You can easily determine if you are going to go over your budget for the month and where you are spending too much. You can also print a monthly report for filing or reviewing when not on the computer. Budget Tracker software comes with help included and is free to download and use.
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