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Easily organize your movie collection.
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Film Tracker 5.0


Duck Software

Язык интерфейса: English
Операционные системы: Win2000 / Win7 x32 / Win98 / WinVista / WinXP
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Film Tracker is a movie organizer software program which helps catalog your movie and DVD collection. For each movie, DVD, or Blue Ray Film Tracker has a number of data fields you can enter. These include Actors, Genre or Category, Length, Director, Location, Producer, and more. It can also work like a movie library program as it can track who borrowed a movie and when they checked it out. Movies are easy to browse with this software. There is a full list of movies on the main screen that can be sorted by title or actors. You can get smaller lists specific to a category or genre by selecting a tab on top of the list. As you browse through movies, the data fields for the movie selected are shown on the main screen. These can then be edited or filled in. There is also a graphic for the movie that can be shown when selected. This can display whatever you want, but is usually the DVD or Blue Ray art cover. You can print out reports of your movies sorted by fields. For example, you can print out movies sorted by rating or actor or director, etc. Additional movie organizer software features include a search function, the ability to customize the fields (i.e. you may change Producer to Score), export your movies to a .csv file for use in other movie organizers or spreadsheets, and help.
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