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Pet Grooming School IT'S THAT EAZY!
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Pet Grooming School 2.0 2.0


Pet Grooming School

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Pet Grooming School
Get Certified as a "Pet Groomer" From Anywhere in the World & From the Comfort of Your Own Home!

???Enroll Today & Get Certified as a "Certified Pet Groomer"
&"Certified Pet Hygienist"

Hi, I'm Yvonne - Your Personal Instructor,

Friday, Dec10, 2010
ave you ever dreamed of signing up for a home study course and be able to start watching the instruction videos immediately? That's what we're all about. All videos are online. Enroll now, watch now, begin learning ... IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION!
Introducing Grooming School Online... The Easy Way For
You To Start Learning Now & Profiting With Your New Career!

Watch Sample Video
This is the Poodle, "Kennel Clip" Enjoy!!
Note: If You're on a Dial Up Connection, Don't Join ..... The Videos Will Not Stream!
All Videos are .FLV Formats & Require a Flash Player From Adobe!
Click Here to Download Player
Upon Registration, You'll Be Able to Watch All Videos Immediately Via Our Streaming Servers!

Join Now and Watch All 17 Streaming Videos, Learn, and Get Certified!
You Don't Need to attend a grooming school & pay thousands of dollars!
You Don't Need to have any prior experience!
You will take all your quizes & tests. Full details & instructions are given!
You'll send five before & after pictures, it's easy once you learn!
You Don't Need to worry, we covered it all for you !
Most importantely, once finished, you'll receive two certificates, "Certified Pet Hygienist" & "Certified Pet Groomer". IT'S THAT EAZY! all you need to do is follow these easy video lessons, pass your tests, and send pictures!
Your certificates are issued by Wag My Tail Grooming School, www.wagmytail.com, Our parent company!
Instructions From
Your Personal Instructor

Note: This is where it all begins! This e-file will show you where to start, tools for grooming, and WHERE TO FIND DOGS TO PRACTICE ON. Please read once logged in....

Yvonne, your head instructor is here to hold your hand. She will explain it all. Where to start; where to find dogs to practice on;
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