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How can I gain followers on Instagram? Well, its pretty simple in theory. If someone visits your Instagram profile and likes what they see, they choose to follow you. But if you are a complete newbie in the Instagram Universe, how do people know that you even exist? I mean, there are thousands if not millions of new Instagram accounts being registered every second. How does someone narrow down on your profile and start to follow you? Lets face it. Its tough as hell. There are of course methods that are making the rounds on social media, like following others and hoping that theyd be courteous enough to follow you back. Or commenting random stuff on popular Instagram pages hoping that people notice you and start to follow you back. Then there are downright desperate measures like tagging tons of celebrities in every post that you upload on Instagram. And last but not the least, people are buying shout outs, hoping to gain some followers on Instagram. Spending your hard earned money to gain followers? Trust me, not even worth it. None of these methods are going to get you the kind of followers that you are looking for. After about ten to twenty days of painstaking commenting, following and liking, you may gain a few paltry followers. But even those will eventually start to unfollow you. Did that sound demotivating? Dont be. There is a way to get completely free Instagram followers.
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