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Photoshop plugin correcting lens distortion
Screenshot of Proxel Lens Corrector Mac 1.2.2

Proxel Lens Corrector Mac 1.2.2


Proxel Software HB

Язык интерфейса: English
Операционные системы: Mac OS X / Mac OS X 10.3 / Mac OS X 10.4 / Mac OS X 10.5
Цена: $38.00
With this Photoshop plugin you can improve the pictures from any digital camera or camera/lens combination you own. Removing distortion and converting fish eye pictures into rectilinear pictures, with a quality of much more expensive lenses. The main advantages are:
* No loss of quality due to rescaling ??“ the canvas size is changed instead.
* You can correct any camera/lens you own ??“ no restrictions.
* The correction is based upon measurements ??“ no imprecise manual tweaking.
* You can correct distorted fish eye lenses ??“ resulting in outstanding results.
Ключевые слова:
Photoshop, plugin, digital photography, lens corrector, distortion
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