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SysGauge Server is a system monitor.
Screenshot of SysGauge Server 3.0.48

SysGauge Server 3.0.48



Язык интерфейса: English
Операционные системы: Windows2000 / WinXP / Windows2003 / Windows Vista Ultimate / Windows Vista Ultimate x64
Цена: $50.00
SysGauge Server runs in the background as a service and allows one to monitor the CPU usage, memory usage, disk space usage, disk activity, network activity, the status and resource usage of running processes, file system performance, USB performance and the operating system status. The user is provided with the ability to display various charts and save system monitoring reports into a number of standard formats including HTML, PDF, Excel, text, CSV and XML. In addition, advanced users and IT administrators are provided with the ability to play sound notifications and/or send E-Mail notifications when one or more performance or status monitoring counters rise above or drop below a user-specified limit.
Ключевые слова:
SysGauge, System Monitor, Performance Monitor, CPU Monitor, Memory Usage Monitor
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