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A content management system for osCommerce.
Screenshot of OsCommerce Content Management - Proforma 1.0

OsCommerce Content Management - Proforma 1.0


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Язык интерфейса: English
Операционные системы: Linux / Mac OS X / Win98 / WinXP
Цена: $49.99
Proforma is a content management system for osCommerce which allows you to create forms and content, then place them anywhere in your store. You can also edit existing product descriptions, newsletters and product notifications with a single click. You can create positions anywhere in your website, then link content to each position. Content can be updated, grouped and switched between positions quickly and easily.

You can choose to list any or all of your existing custom content units, product descriptions, newsletters and product notifications, ordered by name, group, position, URL substring, placement, type or active status in ascending or descending order. Click the edit icon for any content unit for instant editing which will immediately show up in your osCommerce webpage.

Set up your new content unit by assigning it values which will govern how it is listed in Proforma and displayed in your osCommerce store. You will then be able to add new content using the full featured text editor which allows text styling, form creation and image insertion.

Create a new position by naming it, then pasting a line of automatically generated code into your webpage where you want the content to appear. Once deployed, any combination of content units can be assigned to appear in that position at any time.

Forms can also be created and assigned to positions like normal content units. Once you have created a form using the text editor, the Form Manager will automatically generate a PHP code template into which you can add and save your own processing code. The code can then be pasted directly into the form's target page to provide the desired functionality. Below we can see part of the automatically generated code for the feedback form.

Installation requires 4 steps with 2 files to edit. Online documentation and support forum also available. Shareware version has native unit editing, Group and Form Mangers disabled.
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