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Record all email sent and received!

WebMail Spy

WebMail Spy allows you to secretly monitor and record all email sent and received, including all pop3/smtp email, all America Online email, and all web based email (including HotMail and Yahoo!Mail).

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Record all computer activity and usage.


SpyBuddy is a powerful monitoring and surveillance suite for PC's. SpyBuddy will record all PC and Internet browsing habits for you to review at a later date and time. Perfect for monitoring spouses and children!

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Remotely administrate and monitor your PC!


NETObserve allows you to remotely gain total control of you PC by connecting to it through a web browser! Features include transferring/browsing files, editing registry keys, system moderating and administration, realtime PC monitoring, and more!

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Keylogger Pro, 100% Safe Keylogger

Keylogger Pro

Keylogger Pro is a brilliant new keystroke recorder from Family Software Solutions. KP is 100% safe and easy to use. Monitor children, Catch a cheating spouse.

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Block and record chat conversations with ease


ChatBlocker is a desktop parental control application for moderating and restricting chat conversations! With ChatBlocker, you can easily setup time slots in which you wish to allow or disallow chat conversations.

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