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manage different versions of wiki pages

SharePoint Wiki Redirect

SharePoint Wiki Redirect provides an easy way to manage different versions of wiki pages and control which version is displayed by default. Wiki Redirect gives you the ability to quickly toggle between latest and published version

Ключевые слова:
SharePoint wiki, SharePoint 2007 free tool, sharepoint wiki portal, Sharepoint wiki library, sharepoint wiki page

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Resize RichText area, insert images easily

SharePoint RichText Boost

Add flash movies, images, and other complex content to SharePoint list columns directly and automatically resize the rich text editor area without making changes to list settings

Ключевые слова:
sharepoint richtext, richtext, sharepoint, sharepoint email, sharepoint item

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Assign permissions to item-releated person

SharePoint Permission Boost

1. Assign permissions to all items separated from list permission settings. 2. Assign ITEM-RELATED users or groups permissions to item. 3. Assign users or groups read/edit permissions to list column

Ключевые слова:
SharePoint Permission, Permission, SharePoint Add-ons, SharePoint Services, SharePoint plug-ins

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password change, password expire warning

SharePoint Password Change

Allow users to change their AD or local NT password from within the SharePoint environment; Warn user in SharePoint web page before the account expiration date

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sharepoint password change, password change, password, password expire warning, sharepoint

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lookup info from different site's column

SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup

1)lookup information of columns on different sites in one site collection 2) Convert to SharePoint default Lookup column 3) Shortcut to the value you want with a keystroke

Ключевые слова:
SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup, SharePoint Lookup, SharePoint Add-ons, SharePoint Services, SharePoint plug-ins

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Set SharePoint choice with different colors

SharePoint Choice Indicator

SharePoint Choice Indicator allows you to prioritize, organize and monitor task and list items by applying color-coded labels corresponding to selection criteria you specify.

Ключевые слова:
SharePoint choice, SharePoint choice column, SharePoint choice filter, choice field SharePoint

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Auto send emails to appointed users/groups

SharePoint Alert Reminder Boost

1.Auto send emails to appointed users/groups or email addresses when item created, modified, or deleted; 2.Auto send reminder emails on schedule time; 3.Customize email contents with item information or other formatted text/picture;

Ключевые слова:
SharePoint Alert Reminder Boost, SharePoint Alert, SharePoint Reminder, SharePoint email integrantion, SharePoint Alert me plus

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