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OCR-A and OCR-B Fonts.

PrecisionID OCR-A and OCR-B Fonts

The PrecisionID OCR Font Package contains two OCR fonts, OCR-A and OCR-B in TrueType and PostScript format. Both are ISO and ANSI size 1, 10CPI. These fonts also support OCR A1 and OCR B1 for Eurobanking.

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MICR Fonts for printing bank checks.

PrecisionID MICR E13B Fonts

This MICR font package contains one multi-purpose MICR E13B font and 10 additional variations of this font which include light, bold, wide and narrow versions. All of these fonts are provided in both TrueType and PostScript format.

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MICR, E13B, E-13B, bank check font, E13-B

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Barcode Font Code 3 of 9 Package.

PrecisionID Code 3 of 9 Barcode Fonts

The PrecisionID Code 3 of 9 Barcode Font Package contains 6 sizes of TrueType and PostScript fonts, each supplied in normal and text readable format. Implementation examples are also provided. Also known as Barcode 3/9, Logmars or Code39.

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Code39, Barcode 39, Code 39, Code 3 of 9, barcode fonts

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