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New original cursors for your mouse!

Sib Cursor Editor

Sib Cursor Editor is a power-packed means for creating images of cursors of your own. You'll be able to create and edit static/animated cursors. A multitude of special effects will give cursors as much eye-candy as you wish!

Ключевые слова:
cursor, edit, mouse, pointer

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Handwizard Is Your Hand Wizard Mode


Handwizard Is Your Hand Wizard Mode. Handwizard provides automated cursor moving and command entry by mouse steps. Handwizard gives the user: time and health savings due to work with the mouse, and new level of freedom in artistic self-expression.

Ключевые слова:
microxe, handwizard, moving, command, entry

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Падающие снежинки от курсора.

Cursor Snowflakes

Сверкающие снежинки будут падать от вашего курсора при его перемещении. Создавая новогоднее настроение для вас и ваших близких. Совершенно ненавязчивый и не мешает работе. Абсолютно бесплатное приложение. С Наступающим!

Ключевые слова:
christmas, desktop, snowman, new year, garland

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Display web color of the pixel at the cursor


Color codes are show as the cursor is moved in the ColorPix window. Cursor click displays the color code in web Hex, decimal Red, Green, Blue, and the color compliment. The ColorPix screen can be pasted from the clipboard or read from a file.

Ключевые слова:
color, graphic, viewer, GIF, JPG

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The image of the cursor is in a Movie Clip sy

Custom Cursor

The image of the cursor is in a Movie Clip symbol. Double click on it and you can customize it to your look and feel. Package Includes: FLA; Opens with: Flash CS3, Flash CS4; Viewable with: Flash Player 9 and above; AS Version: Action Script 3.0;

Ключевые слова:
flash components, flash extensions, flash component, xml, actionscript 2

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Help the tortoise run faster than the hare!

The Hare and the Tortoise

Help the tortoise run faster than the hare!

Ключевые слова:
the hare and the tortoise, cursor run, hare, rabbit, bunny

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A multi-language translation software

Coolexon Dictionary

Coolexon is a dictionary and multi-language translation software providing results in over 60 languages.

Ключевые слова:
dictionary software, translation software, cursor translation, text translation, english dictionary

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Hide mouse pointer typing when it is not req

Cursor Hider

Cursor Hider helps you to do a ltitle less of action during working with compuetr. It reomves the mouse pointer from
an user focus at a working area. Pointer disappears when user keystrokes or after a some seocnds wtihou mouse

Ключевые слова:
cursor, hider, keybaord, mouse, pointer

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Редактор курсоров и менеджер их коллекций


ArtCursors позволяет профессионалам и любителям создавать и редактировать статические и анимированные курсоры с глубиной цвета от 1 до 32 бит и работать с библиотеками курсоров. Поддерживается экспорт и импорт множества графических форматов.

Ключевые слова:
cursor, cur, ani, animated, artcursors

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Written in AS2 , you can define colors to the


Written in AS2 , you can define colors to the text, background, cursor and speed of cursor. Inside of it the instructions for use it easily wherever you want. Package includes: FLA; Opens with: Flash MX 2004; AS Version: ActionScript 2.0; Viewable w

Ключевые слова:
flash, actionscript 2.0, actionscript 3.0, menu, navigation

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