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This PIM has stood the test of time and can s

CardFile Pegasus

This handy little PIM has stood the test of time and can still handle your data storage needs. CardFile Pegasus can store all of your data, from secret lovers to hot numbers to cook recipes to website links and email addresses.Keep your data under

Ключевые слова:
cardfile, card file, rolodex, index cards, pim

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Best Personal Information Management Software


DailyPIM is a wonderful software for personal information management(PIM), which brings a lot of convenience to your work and life when you deals with Diary,Document,Plan,Contacts,Notes,Email.

Ключевые слова:
PIM, Diary, Contacts, Document, Mail

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AXIGEN - fast, secure mail server

AXIGEN Mobile Office Edition for Windows OS

AXIGEN Mail Server - a complete messaging solution for Windows Server 2003/2008; (E)SMTP/POP3/IMAP4/Webmail, Groupware, Personal Organizer, Push email & PIM synchronization with mobile devices, centralized Web/CLI Admin, FREE technical support.

Ключевые слова:
mail server, email server, mailserver, webmail, SMTP

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Free sticky note/post it/PIM software


FreeTurboNote: sticky note post it style PIM software with instant messaging, alarms and quick launch features to boost business productivity; simple to install, easy to use, highly popular downloadable Windows freeware; extra features with shareware

Ключевые слова:
sticky notes, sticky note, electronic post it style software, TurboNote+, desktop note

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FileOne email client, note taking PIM


FileOne is an email client, note taking PIM in its basic form and might be a possible alternative to OneNote or EverNote. It combines and stores email, notes, documents, music, movies, calendar into a treeview structured single file database.

Ключевые слова:
email client, note taking, notes, PIM, organizer

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All-in-one PIM with network solution.

WinPIM 2010

WinPIM is a professional personal information manager (PIM). It can manage your Contacts, Diaries, Appointments, Tasks, Notes, E-Mails. WinPIM also gives you an easy and low cost network solution for sharing all data simultaneously in your workgroup!

Ключевые слова:
PIM, Personal Information Manager, Address Book, Contact, Anniversary

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Secure PDF from Printing using PDF Locker

Secure PDF from Printing

Get PDF Locker software to secure PDF from printing. Use the software to secure PDF from printing without damaging the original PDF.

Ключевые слова:
secure pdf from printing, secure pdf from copying, secure pdf with password, secure pdf free software

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AO PIM - Personal Information Manager

Alpha Omega Personal Information Manager

AO PIM - Contact Manager for the Internet Savvy: Contacts - Business, Social, Personal, Children, Family, Pets, Websites, Emails, IM, Meetings, Games. Web & Pasword Management - websites, credit cards, details, ratings. Mini-Activities, Journal.

Ключевые слова:
personal information manager, personal contact manager, singles contact manager, dating crm, AO PIM

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Менеджер персональной информации.


Менеджер персональной информации. Программа предназначена для хранения таких данных, как контакты, ссылки, пароли, заметки.

Ключевые слова:
pim, personal, data, contacts, links

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Universal Information Manager

Alventis Database

Universal Information Manager: unlimited number of table structures, data-entry forms, banded reports are user-customizable with simple drag-and-drop. Fast searches using full-text indexing, client/server multi-user security, all without programming.

Ключевые слова:
database, pim, dbms, organizer, data

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