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Free integrated text management for Windows

NoteMagic Lite

NoteMagic Lite, integrated FREE text management for Windows.
Use a text editor with a lot more features than the one that shipped with Windows!
Powerful, Free and Cool - DOWNLOAD NOW!

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notemagic, note, magic, replace, Windows

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Link Checker Tool measures site rank

Back Link Checker Tool

Back Link Checker Tool from www.simrecovery.com is very popular in profession market as well as among general user.

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Url, tracking, application, measures, site

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Anti-plagiarism tool. Plagarism software.

Desktop Plagiarism Checker

Free plagiarism software. Plagerism scan in articles, books, essays, term papers. Free turnitin alternative. Copied data check in txt,html,rtf,doc,odt,docx,pdf files.

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plagiarism, plagarism, plagerism, plagiat, turnitin

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Awards winning E-mail Address Checker

E-mail Address Checker

E-mail Address Checker is your powerful solution for the standard 'message delivery error'. E-mail Address Checker verifies every e-mail address from a given mailing list and allows you to determine up to 90 percent of dead e-mail addresses.

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mail, address, checker, check mail address

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Automatically checks link to your site

Automatic Link Checker

Link validator tool written in PHP helps to check automatically if a page contain a link back to your site. Helpful in link exchange campaigns. Full Demo available at www.softbizscripts.com/automatic-link-checker-script-features.php

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link checker, php link checker, site link checker, automatic link checker

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Spell Blazer is a puzzle game for free.

Spell Blazer

Spell Blazer is a puzzle game available for free. In a peaceful kingdom, where the monsters were embanked, you incarnate the son of a farmer who must go to the city. Nevertheless the road is sown obstacles bus, misfortune, the monsters are back.

Ключевые слова:
spell, blazer, puzzle

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Essay-Paper.net Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker - the free plagiarism checking software that will be useful for students, teachers, webmasters, copywriters.

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essay, paper, plagiarism, checker, check

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Real-time spell check & speed typing software


Real-time spell check and speed typing software that checks and automatically corrects spelling as you type, automates difficult and repetitive typing tasks, supports multiple clipboards and all other solutions to give you accurate and fast typing.

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spelling, typing, spell check, speed typing

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Программа для проверки текста на плагиат


Проверьте Ваш текст на оригинальность. Используйте инновационную систему обнаружения плагиата в течении месяца абсолютно бесплатно!

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Dupe Checker PRO Find All Duped Files!

Dupe Checker PRO

Dupe Checker PRO will find all dupe files and folders for the same names, file duplicated content and size, empty files and folders.

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dupe, dedupe, dupeless dedupe files, file dedupe, deduplication

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