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Upload Lotus Notes calendars to Google App

Upload Lotus Notes calendars to Google Apps

Get rid of how to upload Lotus Notes calendars to Google App by the help of PCVITA Express Migrator for Google Apps available with the best offer rate at $999.00 only.

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limit upload & download, prioritizes download

DU Super Controler

Limit upload & download for your internet applications. Limit control on application and connection level. Indispensable for P2P users (Kaaza, DC, WinMX, eDonkey) and for people who want to do several tasks on internet at the same time.

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upload limit, limit upload, download limit, limit download

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File manager for your website

CloudOsys PHP File Upload

Use CloudOsys to let your visitors upload media content directly to your website. CloudOsys is for managing files, through the browser. Your visitors will upload files directly to your website, where they can share and comment on them.

Ключевые слова:
cms, content, script, upload, music

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Versatile Flash uploader for your website

Aurigma Image Uploader Flash

Lightweight but powerful Flash uploader for a wide range of websites. Based on Flash technology, it enables you to upload multiple files from any browser directly from a webpage. Compatible with PHP, ASP.NET and other server platforms.

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flash uploader, flash upload, file upload, upload, uploader

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File upload component for ASP


ASPPowUpload is an ASP control that enables an ASP application to capture and save files uploaded to the web server by a browser. ASPPowUpload is fully compatible with the standard files upload protocol defined in RFC1867 for the HTML POST Form.

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asp file upload, file upload component, upload files, upload file in asp, upload file to server

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MultiPowUpload ??“ file upload component


MultiPowUpload ??“ file upload component. It is easy client-side solution that can be used to perform multiple file uploads from a user machine to the web server. It needs just Flash player plug-in on users side and any standard file upload script.

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multiple upload, multiple file upload, upload multiple files, flash upload, multiple image upload

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Upload multiple files to SharePoint libraries

Multi-File Upload Feature for SharePoint

If SharePoint's OOB approach to multi-file uploads causes problems for you, use my Multi Upload Feature for SharePoint instead. The feature adds an Upload Multiple Files command to the Actions menu of all document libraries.

Ключевые слова:
multiple, files, upload, SharePoint, document

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Lotus Notes to entourage uploader

Lotus Notes to Entourage Uploader

Lotus notes to entourage uploader play a vital role to upload lotus notes to entourage mails. This lotus notes to entourage conversion require when you want to switch over lotus notes to entourage platform.

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lotus notes to entourage uploader, upload lotus notes to entourage, how to upload lotus notes to entourage

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Client side java file upload control.


JavaPowUpload is easy client-side Java applet that can be used to perform multiple files uploads from a user machine to the web server. JavaPowUpload provides advanced features such as: Multiple file selection; Drag-n-drop files and folders, etc.

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multiple file upload, java file uploader, upload files, java file downloader, upload multiple file to server

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Capture and upload photos to Grabilla Android

Grabilla Capture and Share for Android

Capture and upload photos to Grabilla from Android. Record and upload videos. Upload photos from gallery. Upload videos from gallery. Share uploads instantly. Auto-pause when no connection available and resume. Your uploads history list.

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android capture, android capture screen, android capture software, android free screen capture, android grabilla

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