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Aktiv Download M is a download organizer.

Aktiv Download Manager

Aktiv Download Manager is a most needed tool for those looking impatiently for the next download. The application is developed to manage downloads, pause and resume downloads, queue downloads, or search for downloads.

Ключевые слова:
Aktiv Download Manager, downloader, handle downloads, manage downloads, download application

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Aktiv Player is a nifty audio manager.

Aktiv Player

Aktiv Player is a versatile audio player designed for the ultimate listening experience. It will change the way you manage and listen to your favourite artists with simply to handle and ingenious features.

Ключевые слова:
Aktiv Player, audio player, audio manager, music player, Mp3 software

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Aktiv CD Ripper is an audio ripping app.

Aktiv CD Ripper

Aktiv CD Ripper is a great tool for creating direct digital copies of all your audio CDs and saving them as various popular formats including MP3s, WMAs, OGGs, or WAVs. The software is extremely easy to use and very fast.

Ключевые слова:
Aktiv CD Ripper, audio converter, Mp3s, music converter, rip

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Aktiv Recorder is a total sound recorder.

Aktiv MP3 Recorder

Aktiv MP3 Recorder is an all-in-one audio software built to convey CDs, tapes, DVD s, live shows, TV, Internet radio, video games and any other sound source into audio files stored on your PC, supporting formats such as MP3, WMA, OGG, VOX, AU, AIFF.

Ключевые слова:
Aktiv MP3 Recorder, audio recorder, audio converter, music recorder, recording software

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Free download manager & internet accelerator

Free Internet Download Manager

Free Internet Download Manager is a powerful and completely free download manager, internet accelerator and file management system. It supports HTTP, FTP, BitTorrent, Flash and will accelerate download speeds and can resume interrupted transfers.

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free internet download manager, free download manager, internet download manager, download manager

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Download FREE Task Manager FIX Tool

FREE Task Manager FIX Tool

Download the FREE Task Manager Fix Tool from QuickData lab which is proper task management software to fix the Task Manager Has Been Disabled by Your Administrator problem. Get QuickData Fix for Task Manager freeware to fix registry changes.

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task manager has been disabled by your administrator, free task manager fix tool, free task management software, free task manager download, download free task manager fix tool

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SysTools Task Manager Fix Tool Free Download

SysTools Task Manager Fix Tool

Re enable Task manager XP, Windows 7 and Vista without any manual methods using SysTools Task manager Fix tool. It??™s free software that fixes task manager issue and removes the errors generated by non-functioning task manager.

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systools task manager fix tool, task manager fix tool, free download task manager fix, how to make task manager enable, re enable task manager

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Free Screensavers Manager

Мы представляем вам наш новый продукт "Менеджер заставок". Вы любите экранные заставки? Но у вас мало свободного времени? Тогда эта программа создана специально для вас. С помощью нее вы сможете скачать сразу более 50 наших заставок.

Ключевые слова:
Free Screensavers Manager, screensaver, free screensaver

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A modern multi-threading download manager

Turbo Download Manager

is a multi-threading download manager for Android, Windows, Linux, Mac OS and different browsers. It can be used to boost your downloading speed as well as to protect your download on a non-stable INTERNET connection by resuming broken pipes

Ключевые слова:
download manager, turbo download manager, internet download manager, free download manager, flashget

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Music Manager - Music Management Software

Music Manager

Music Manager: Where to get a good Music Management Software? Manage music, automatically sort music and organize music with automatic Music Manager. Music Manager - is a music management software. Manage Music - Download Music Manager right now!

Ключевые слова:
music manager, music management software, music managers, music manager software, download music manager

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