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outlook pst archival tool
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Archive Outlook PST file, for smart Backup!

Archive Outlook PST

How to archive Outlook PST file? The best/simple solution to archive Outlook PST file is to use Outlook PST archival tool. Now archive Outlook PST emails with zero issues & efficient backup, only choose Outlook PST archival tool.

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PCVITA OST to PST Converter Magnificent Tool


Having trouble with unusable OST file? Now there is an excellent solution for OST to PST conversion; OST to PST converter tool. Corrupted OST file can be transformed in a usable format of PST via OST to PST converter. Get free Email archival tool.

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SuperSync automates backup of your files


The only Sync Software that synchronizes all of your important digital stuff, whenever and wherever you want it synced, automatically. Just define what, where and when files need to be synchronized. SuperSync is that simple.

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archive, backup, two-way sync, security, sync with NAS

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How to recover tape data files?

Recover Tape Data Files

A tape is a data storage device that is typically used for offline, archival data storage. Tape media is generally an affordable and long archival but sometimes it undergo corruption problems and whole data face a great risk of permanent loss.

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recover tape data files, tape data recovery, tape recovery, tape data backup, tape recovery software

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Automatical burning to CD/DVD/Blu-Ray.


Z-DataDVD can burn complete directories, automatically or with a schedule, to CD, DVD oder Blu-Ray, that means fast, automated backups. There is no limit for burning CD-R/RWs or DVDs.

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Backup, -, Burn, DVD, -

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Batch Multi Page TIFF Resizer to tiff

Batch TIFF Resizer Lite

Batch TIFF Resizer Lite which resize and converts single and multi page tiff images, PNG, BMP and JPEG to TIFF, JPEG files or spilt multipage tiff to single tiff .

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tiff, jpg, multipage tiff, resize, convert

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WinZip: the world's most popular Zip utility.


WinZip is the world??™s leading Zip utility for file compression, encryption, sharing and backup. Now supporting Windows 7 and an Office 2010-style ribbon interface, WinZip makes it easy to zip/unzip files for fast, secure transmission and archival.

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WinZip, file compression, best compression, compress files, zip

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Save and Recover iPhone Text Messages

Decipher TextMessage

Save iPhone text messages to computer to keep a running history of SMS, iMessage, and MMS messages on your Windows PC. Recover lost and deleted text messages. Print text messages or export to PDF.

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GMail Download Gmail Email to your computer

GMail Download Gmail Email to your computer

GMail Download Gmail Email to your computer Software

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Java library to detect text encoding


EncodingSleuth Text is a distributable Java library that examines streams of bytes to determine whether they represent encoded text, and to detect the character set used to encode the original text into bytes.

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detect, recognize, guess, text, character

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