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GATE Chemical Coaching Classes

GATE Chemical Coaching

To prepare for coming GATE ch coaching 2017 find some of the best coaching classes in Delhi to take care of all your gatepreparations. Join Engineers Institute of India in Delhi to crack GATE 2017 in first attempt.

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GATE Chemical Coaching, GATE CH Coaching, Coaching for GATE Chemical, Coaching for GATE CH, Institute for GATE Chemical

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Login monitor for Mac OS X


ProteMac LoginTrap monitors all login events and detects whether a login attempt was successful or failed. After a login attempt was made the program captures an image from the iSight camera, so that you are able to see who is trying to break Mac.

Ключевые слова:
logins, secure data, capture login, monitors, strokes

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Be the strongest athlete and lift your way to

Animal Olympics - Weight Lifting

Be the strongest athlete and lift your way to the top!

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action, animal, athlete, attempt, barbell

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SMS/MMS/E-Mail Message Block Utility


SMS/MMS/E-Mail Message Block Utility.

BlockUs automatically blocks every attempt to send messages from your device.

Ключевые слова:
sms, mms, e-mail, sentinel, block

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Never forget to include an attachment.

Topalt Attachment Reminder for Outlook

If your email indicates an attachment is part of the message, a reminder will pop up automatically if you attempt to send without adding a file.

Ключевые слова:
office, outlook, add-in, reminder, attachment

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Take to the skies!

Drakojon Skies: Mission 2

Having failed in their first attempt, they will now take to the skies again.

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drakojon skies, download games, free games, flash games, get games

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Restore default security settings.

Security Restore

The Security Restore application was developed to be a small tool that will simply attempt to restore your computer to the default security settings.

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Security Restore, Fix Internet Explorer, 80070005, Rizone

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Yrminsul is interesting strategy game.


The only thing better than being famous is being infamous. In Yrminsul, the path to infamy is clear: annihilate the pathetic (and unfashionable) forces of good as they attempt to breach your formidable defenses.

Ключевые слова:
Yrminsul, strategy

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Free Nim Game

Free Nim Game

Free Nim Game is a simple mathematical game of strategy in which players remove matchsticks in an attempt to force the other player to remove the last one.

Ключевые слова:
Nim Game, Free

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Brave Boy is an interesting sport game.

Brave Boy

Hop on your bike and pedal into the city to rescue a girl from some bullies in an alleyway. You won??™t be able to reach her on your first try, but earn money from each attempt and purchase upgrades which will help you travel further.

Ключевые слова:
Brave Boy, driving, sport

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