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Ebay UK fee profit and postage calculator


Calculates listing fees auction upgrades, pictures costs, listing upgrades for fixed price or auction listings in all listing categories except ebay motors. Allows for the different fee structures, paypal accounts and power seller discounts

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Ebay fee calculator, Ebay fees calculator, calculate ebay fees, calculate final value fees, Ebay listing fees

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Easy-to-use expression calculator with skins


Numculator is an user-friendly, easy-to-use but powerful expression calculator. It allows you to calculate the whole expression, not just one operation at time. Don't spent time on each operation - get the final calculation result immediately!

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calculate, numlock, num lock, easy, user-friendly

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Find percentage of any number.

Breaktru Percent

Calculate the percentage of any number out of any number. Add percentage to an amount or calculate a discount percentage.
For tip calculation. Figure the selling price after a discount was applied.

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percent, percentage, math, educate, education

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Car Lease Calculator Free Software

Car Lease Calculator

Step-by-step through a few easy questions about the lease. Then the software will analyze your answers and give you your results instantly. Find monthly payments, calculate total lease costs, discover hidden fees, and check dealers' figures.

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car lease, car lease calculator, lease calculator software, car lease calculator software

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Calculate body mass index.

Body Mass Index(BMI) Calculator

Use this tool to calculate body mass index. Use this tool to calculate body mass index.

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body mass index, bmi, weight loss

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Calculate Loan Payment and Rates Easily

Calculate My Loan

Calculate loan payment and rates easily with Calculate My Loan. This free powerful financial calculator shows you an answer grid of loan amounts, interest rates, terms in periods, or payment amounts based upon the loan variables you enter.

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free loan calculator, loan calculator, calculate loan, calculate loan payments, calculate a loan

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Final Impression

Final Impression

Never again try to explain something with words. Send them a picture and let a Final Impression screen capture do the talking for you.

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best screen capture software, screen capture software, print screen, screen capture, final impression

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Advanced uninstaller software, 100% uninstall

Final Windows Uninstaller

Completely remove unwanted programs and leftovers from your PC with Final Windows Uninstaller, professional uninstaller software. Our uninstaller software uses powerful leftovers database technology which helps you totally remove applications.

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uninstaller, uninstaller software, advanced uninstaller, uninstaller pro, final uninstaller

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Calculate and analyze mortgages in detail.

Mortgage and Loan Calculator Analyzer

Calculate and analyze mortgages and loans in detail. Enter mortgage parameters like principal, interest rate, payment cycle, compound rate, and term. Adjust any payment throughout the course of your loan. Simple to use for the mortgage novice.

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mortgage, calculator, loan, analyze, payment

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Calculates the time between two dates.

Age Calculator .Net

Age Calculator allows you to know your age in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds. It can calculate the time between two dates. Multiple profiles are supported so you can also calculate the age of your relatives, friends...

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age calculator, calculate time between two dates

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