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Change ip of you tibia client.

Tibia Multi IP Changer

Thanks to him we have the opportunity to play on private servers, ie. Open Tibia Server. The program works on all versions of this game and do not have anything to update. IP Changer mullite has been already a large group of supporters.

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tibia, tibia ip changer, tibia loader, neobot, elfbot

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DesktopSlides - Desktop Wallpaper Gadget.


DesktopSlides is a user friendly desktop wallpaper changer gadget for windows.

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desktop, wallpaper, changer, screensaver, wallpaper changer

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Free wallpaper changer and wallpaper software

Adolix Wallpaper Changer

Adolix Wallpaper Changer is a free wallpaper changer and randomizer that will allow you to change background on your desktop. You can make a play list with your favorite pictures and play it all day long.

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wallpaper changer, free wallpaper changer sequencer, background changer, change background, wallpaper software

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Free wallpaper changer and sequencer utility.

CoreDownload Free Wallpaper Changer

CoreDownload Free Wallpaper Changer is a free wallpaper changer and sequencer that will allow you to customize your desktop with a few clicks. You can make a play list with your favorite pictures and play it all day long.

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coredownload wallpaper changer, free wallpaper changer sequencer

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Change your wallpaper easily!

Easy Wallpaper Changer

Easy Wallpaper Changer allows you to install and change wallpaper quickly and easily. This tiny program in a system tray lets you change the wallpaper in a couple of clicks.

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Wallpaper, Changer

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pdf metadata changer

PDF Metadata Changer

PDF Metadata Changer is an utility that will help you to view and change the PDF document file properties such as Producer,Keywords,CreationDate,Copyright,etc.

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PDF metadata changer, pdf metadata clear

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Change JPG's EXIF, Create & Modify Date

Batch JPEG Date Changer

Batch JPEG Date Changer is unlike other JPEG Date changer around. It supports changing the creation, modification and EXIF Date and Time by providing option to change just the date and/or time of the photos. Supported is the date maths feature.

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exif date changer, file date changer, jpeg, jpg, changing file date

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Change file properties.

File Properties Changer

File Properties Changer is an application designed to change properties of files, file attributes, file name extensions and a name of a file.

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creation date, last access date, last modification date, file attributes, file name extension

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The Best voice changer for VOIP software

Voice Changer for VOIP

Voice Changer for VOIP is a real-time sound-effect processing software specific to tencent QQ,Skype,ICQ voice messages. It can change voice in real time to simulate male or female voice

Ключевые слова:
Skype Voice Changer, YahooMessenger Voice Changer, Magic Recorder???YY Voice Recorder

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Change MP3 bitrate with audio result preview

MP3 Bitrate Changer

MP3 Bitrate Changer can change MP3 bitrate, so you can send MP3 to your mobile device, or as an E-mail attachment. It creates audio preview and file size estimation before conversion, so you can determine which mp3 bitrate combination fit your needs.

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MP3 bitrate change, change mp3 bitrate, mp3, bitrate, bit rate

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