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Green Coffee Bean Extract review and details.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Review

Green Coffee bean extract is becoming in style and has a number of health benefits particularly for those which are trying to lose fat. Green coffee beans are regular coffee beans that have not been put through the roasting process. If coffee beans..

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A top-down arcade game.

Kulkis II

You control a ball-like being called Kulkis, which has to destroy all colorful block and collect diamonds while avoiding hazardous enemies.

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logic, action, top-down, kulkis

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Scanner of shared resources and Terminal.

Acid Scanner Free

Scanner of shared resources. Advanced tcp/udp terminal. Free and fully portable.

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Nutritional Software for a healthy lifestyle


Nutrition Software features an extensive Nutritional Therapy Afflictions database and provides detailed information on many Nutrients, 40+ Supplements and Acid-Bace Balance. Also includes a free Body Mass Index Calculator! For educational use only.

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nutrition, nutritional therapy, orthomolecular therapy, food counts, BMI

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ACID Compliant .NET Database

Ninja .NET Database Pro

Ninja Database Pro is an ACID Compliant .NET Database for Windows Phone 7, Silverlight, and desktop. Features: LINQ, transactions, caching, triggers, indexes, encryption, compression, import XML, export XML, export schema, and more. Try it today.

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database, windows phone 7, silverlight, .net

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Get your free Profit & Loss calculator now

Music Business Profit & Loss Calculator

Use the free MusicBizCenter.com music business Profit & Loss calculator to find out how much money you will make from sales of your mp3s, CDs, merchandise and other music industry profit funnels. Download your free fully functional trial version now

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Total Wellness Cleanse

Total Wellness Cleanse 2.0

Total Wellness Cleanse
During the "Cleanse Phase" you will be following our time-proven cleansing diet which is geared towards re-establishing your body's proper acid-alkaline balance, reducing your cravings for sugar,

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SQL92 compliant distributed database

ScimoreDB Embedded, Server and Distributed

Royalty free fully featured SQL database with nearly 1 million installations worldwide. Fast performance. Scales from small embedded to clustered ScimoreDB database for high load applications. Supports freetext indexing, acid transactions, T-SQL...

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t-sql, embedded, SQL, ACID, Transaction

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CHEMIX School - Chemistry Software


CHEMIX School - Software for Chemistry It is equipped with a periodic table, molecular 3-D viewer, curve fit, spectroscopy, conversion table, dictionary and many advanced graphic tools and calculators. Chemistry lessons and problems are included.

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chemix, chemistry, software, curve fit, plotter

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Необычный платформер-стрелялка.

Max Defender

Необычный платформер-стрелялка со стратегическим уклоном. В этой игре вам предстоит сражаться с полчищами врагов, при помощи оружия и различных построек.

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