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Create and Edit ClinicalTrials.gov XML Files

Clinical Trial Submit

Clinical Trial Submit is a software application that allows you to create and edit ClinicalTrials.gov XML files, for uploading to the ClinicalTrials.gov (PRS) Protocol Registration System web site.

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Tell the real-time population of the Eart.

World Population Monitor

World Population monitor displays population count of the world. The counter updates itself automatically. Data source: www.census.gov

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Earth, population, calculation, monitor, people.

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You perform real time searches a fast way.

Internet marketing software three

This Internet marketing software allows you to perform searches against the real time search engines top 14. The soft also carries an advanced search tool to build powerful backlinks.

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Internet marketing software, marketing software, Internet software

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Next Generation Proxy Scanner and Scraper

Proxy Raider

Need proxies for free? With Proxy Raider you can get thousands of google verified proxies in a matter of minutes. All without extensive configuration, just with the push of a button.

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Proxy, Proxy Scanner, Proxy Scraper, Proxy list, Proxy Raider

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Check availability of domain names.

Domain Checker

Domain Checker is a domain name availability-check (whois) tool. You can verify multiple domain names at once. This version supports 80 top level domains such as COM, NET and ORG.

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whois, domain, domain name, check, checker

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Send secure email, encrypt file attachments.

MessageLock for Outlook 2007/2003/XP/2000

MessageLock integrates email encryption and a zip file compression into Microsoft Outlook. Compatible with other zip utilities. No special reader required by receiver. Dowload a trial today.

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MessageLock, email encryption, e-mail, encryption, Outlook

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Measure and track your website popularity.

Website Popularity

Here is the fastest, easiest and most complete way to professionally measure and track your web site's popularity on all of the major search engines and directory sites so you can do what it takes to raise your site's visibility.

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Affordable Appointment Book Software

Appointment Book Pro

We are the global leader in providing scheduling software to individuals, small, medium and large organisations.

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Transform miscellaneous images to PDF and PS.

Free Image to PDF Converter

Free Image to PDF Converter is a 100% free & safe image to PDF converter to convert JPG and other images to a single PDF/PS document quickly for office usages without Adobe Acrobat.

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