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Find parts for your doors and windows.

Door and Window Parts Catalog

To make it easier for you to find the right door or window part for your home, we have created a catalog of the over 3000 parts on our site for you to download and peruse at your leisure. Complete with pictures and dimensions of most of the parts.

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window parts, door parts, window hardware, door hardware, home repair

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Lock CD/DVD drive and prevent its crash!

CD/DVD Door Guard Pro

CD/DVD Door Guard Pro provides you with the most effective software protection for optical drives and allows you to customize any actions concerning the protection. It is not just effective in protection, it is also really handy.

Ключевые слова:
lock, cd, dvd, drive, protect

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Magic Mesh review and exclusive deal.

Magic Mesh Review

The Magic Mesh door is an amazing innovation for the home owner and enables individuals to enjoy the many benefits of a mesh screen door. Just like an anchored screen door, the Magic Mesh keeps out bugs while enabling one to enjoy maximized air flow.

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Magic Mesh review, Magic Mesh presentation, Magic Mesh ppt, Magic Mesh, buy theMagic Mesh

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door manufacturer UK for composite and steel

Composite door manufacturers

door manufacturer uk for composite door manufacture steel door manufacture

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door manufacturer, door manufacturers, composite door manufacturer, steel door manufacturer, uk

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Utility helping to prevent crash of DVD drive

CD-Door Guard

CD-Door Guard is utility designed to prevent crash of your computer's CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive. It closes the drive's door when you forget to do it, helps you to lock the drive and prevent your small children from playing with it, and much more.

Ключевые слова:
CD, DVD, protect, lock, unlock

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Free program

Garage Door GTA

Free program for your business. Its for analysis.

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Garage Door GTA, Garage Door in Toronto

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Play a fun garage door opener puzzle game.

GDOR Garage Door Opener Puzzle

Are you up for a challenge? How about playing a fun garage door opener puzzle game. Play with friends or by yourself. Complete the puzzle to win!

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Fun puzzle game, Online puzzle game, Games for kids, Challenging puzzle game

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Remotely control your PC using your iPhone.

World Wide PC Remote ( wwpcremote )

Remotely control your PC using your iPhone. Things you can control include: - Devantech USB relays, - Hardware and software that react to UDP messaging, - waking up, restarting and shutting down PCs connected to yours.

Ключевые слова:
remote, iphone, pc, udp, udp broadcasting

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eject and close your CD/DVD

Door Control

Door Control puts a button in your task bar tray that lets you eject and close your CD/DVD drive with one click, especially useful for those whose PC tower is not within easy reach

Ключевые слова:
door, control, eject, close, CD

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password protect any program on your computer

Password Door

Password protects any program installed on your computer, such as WinZip, AcdSee, MediaPlayer, RealPlayer, Outlook Express, Internet Explorer, Office etc. Password Door can add the password protection feature to any software on your computer.

Ключевые слова:
Password protect, Password protect program, security, encrypt

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