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This is a Dream Digest software.

My Dream Digest

My Dream Digest is a fast, powerful and user-friendly dream interpretation software that gives you a comprehensive interpretation of any and every dream of yours. All you need to do is search from a vast list of dream symbols that you may have dreamt

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A dream journal designed for lucid dreamers.

Lightened Dream

A dream journal designed for dreamers in search of lucidity. Bring your dreams to life with interactive graphs that track dream content, sleep cycles, lucidity and even the moon cycle.

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dream journal, lucid dreaming, meditation, subliminal messages, text to speech

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A dream journal designed for lucid dreaming.

Liquid Dream

Bring your dreams to life with interactive graphs that track dream content, sleep cycles and lucidity. Dreams are automatically organized by date for easy navigation and can be expanded to show common keywords and how they relate to other dreams.

Ключевые слова:
lucid dreaming, subliminal messages, meditation, text to speech, dream journal

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Easily print, search & read entries any time.

Simply Journal

Easily search, print, date & time stamp, password protect, & even browse entries. Keep them personal by using richly styled text or by using different colors to reflect your mood when you made an entry. Create multiple books for different subjec

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Герой игры застрял в собственном сне.

World In A Dream

Герой игры застрял в собственном сне. В нем он видит весь мир черным и мрачным, там нет ни одной души кроме него. Чтобы выбраться из этого сна, герою нужно пройти по всем уровням, обходя препятствия и ловушки.

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Waves of color prepare you to Lucid Dreams

7art Lucid Clock ScreenSaver

Colors and waves on dial of this stylish clock make you wonder if you are awake or seeing this in a dream. Check your reality (tip: in a dream you can fly). No flying this time? Maybe your next check will be in a dream where flying is possible??¦

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Free desktop wallpaper changer

Dream Wallpaper

Dream Wallpaper is a free easy-to-use software that change your computer desktop wallpaper.
With Dream Wallpaper, you can get over 80,000 high quality free wallpapers in categories that include Movie, Star, Nature, Cartoon, Art, Animal, Games, etc.

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Welcome to the online world of Dream Farm

Dream Farm Game

Welcome to the all-new online world of Dream Farm! We know fans of farming sims enjoy growing crops and building up their homesteads, but working the land can be a lonely job.

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Catch good dreams, let bad ones to slip away!

Dream Catcher Clock screensaver

The dream catchers originally came to us from Native Americans. They think that Dreams are the messages sent by sacred spirits. The web of dream catcher catches good dreams and they reach the sleeper, while letting bad ones to slip away.

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time, harmony, watch, clocks, screensaver

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Dream Tower is an interesting adventure game.

Dream Tower

Bounce and bound your way to the top of a mystical dream tower. Make your way to the top of the tower, jumping on enemies to clear them out of the way! If you fall, some progress will be lost but you won??™t lose any life.

Ключевые слова:
Dream Tower, action, adventure

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