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Green Hotels - Finding Green Hotels.

Green Hotels

Green Hotels - Finding Green Hotels has never been easier, by using this application you will be able to pinpoint every green hotel. You will have no problem finding the hotel that is right for you. Green Hotels.

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Green Hotels, Eco Hotels, Eco Hotel, eco hotels, eco hotel

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Eco Lodges - Small and easy-to-use.

Eco Lodges

Eco Lodges - Small and easy-to-use application designed to help you quickly find Eco lodges around the world. Thanks to the great user interface, you should be able to get used to the application very fast. Eco Lodges.

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Eco Lodges, Eco Hotels, Eco Hotel, eco hotels, eco hotel

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Green Lodges - Small and easy-to-use.

Green Lodges

Green Lodges - Small and easy-to-use application designed to help you find green lodges around the world. Once you have the application installed, you will have all the green lodges in the world at your finger point. Green Lodges.

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Green Lodges, Eco Hotels, Eco Hotel, eco hotels, eco hotel

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I.E toolbar, browser toolbar, Eco Gadgets

Eco Gadgets

Internet Browser toolbar, Full Feature Download with the compliments of http://www.energyandsolarproducts.co.uk Eco Gadgets

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Internet Browser, browser toolbar, ie toolbar, add ons Eco Gadgets

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Compare Hotel Prices - Hotel Search Program.

Compare Hotel Prices

Compare Hotel Prices - This easy to use application will let you compare hotel rates from over 30 hotel booking websites at once. Don't waste your time, use Hotel Prices Compare and find the best deal for your hotel, compare them all at once.

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Compare Hotel Prices, hotels, hotel, prices, compare

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ECO is a tool for creating model driven apps

ECO for VisualStudio

ECO is a tool for creating model driven applications in Microsoft Visual Studio. Featuring full code generation, DB generation, and O/R mapping, ECO is the perfect for getting the job done fast.

Ключевые слова:
ORM, DDD, Framework, ECO, VisualStudio

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Easy to use hotel management software

Vladovsoft Hotel

Vladovsoft Hotel is a software product for hotel management and control. It keeps track of all deliveries, sales, reservations and accommodations and makes the management of your hotel easier than ever.

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software for hotels, hotel software, hotel management software, software for reservations, software for accommodations

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The System of management of hotel room fund

Hotel Admin

The System of administration and management of hotel room fund "Hotel-Admin" - the distributed system "server-client". The manager of hotel receives orders on reservation of rooms and without additional editing places them in room fund of hotel.

Ключевые слова:
management of hotel room fund, online - reservation of hotel rooms, automatic search of free places in hotel rooms, system of administration of hotel, control system of hotel

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Exonya для автоматизации отелей

Exonya for hotel automation

Exonya для автоматизации отелей - простое и эффективное управление отелями. Уникальная программа, распространяемая на принципах Программа как Сервис (SaaS). Вам больше не надо покупать программы для отелей - вы можете арендовать их за небольшую плату

Ключевые слова:
hotel automation, hotel software, software for hotels, for hotels, free software for hotels

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Manage your hotel reservation with ease

EZee Hotel Reservation Software Genx

eZee FrontDesk Hotel Reservation Software Genx is a perfect solution for small to mid sized hotels and resorts. This software is designed to manage all type of bookings.

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internet hotel reservation software, hotel computer reservation software, free hotel reservation software, hotel management reservation resort software, reservation software hotel motel

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