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FB Influence contains four modules

FB Influence

FB Influence contains four hard-hitting modules that will take you step by step from being a Facebook newbie to being a Facebook Rockstar for your business.

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Facebook Marketing Software

Facebook Friender

Facebook Friender software manages unlimited facebook accounts, sort accounts by campaigns, log in accounts with its own browser with cookies. Add friends from groups, pages, other friends and niche profiles.

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Facebook Data Scraper software

Facebook Scraper

Use our Facebook Data Scraper tool to Build your Own leads Database for Marketing Purpose.

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Facebook Fan Page Finder

Facebook Fan Page Finder

Robotic Surfing (www.roboticsurfing.com) * Facebook Fan Page Finder * Software will search a keyword and harvest the Facebook fan page urls. Results can be exported to a text file or a spreadsheet.

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Hack Facebook Passwords

Facebook Hacker Pro

Facebook Hacker Pro is the only publicly available actually working Facebook password hacker. It will recover any Facebook password of your choice in less than 2 minutes.

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Marketing Surf Mobile version for Androids

Market Mobile

Marketing Surf Mobile version for Android Phones delivers news and updates from facebook and twitter. Get videos, images, and more.

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Marketing, Surf, Free Traffic, Traffic Exchange, Web Traffic

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Make a Facebook Cover

Make A Facebook Cover

Make a Facebook Cover with this Facebook Cover Maker app, choose from a variety of backgrounds, characters, and clothing. Personalise a characters clothing and apperance to create your own Facebook Cover.

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Embed Facebook & Twitter in every web page


PalRelay by Martyn Walker reads each web page you visit and alerts you to related information from friends and colleagues in social media. Keep up with friends Twitter, Facebook, Digg and more. Send and receive alerts on related information.

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social media, social media marketing, networking, marketing services, Martyn Walker

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Awesome secret facebook page designs

Professional facebook pages

Awesome secret facebook page design tips that will make you look professional. Custom facebook page designs make all the differens in your marketing efforts. This software shows you how and gives some secret hot resources...

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Facebook Fan Page Multiple Accounts Poster

Facebook Fan Page Multiple Accts Poster

(www.roboticsurfing.com) Logs into your Facebook account, navigate to the Facebook fan page url and post a wall comment. You can set the software to pause for a specific time (10 mins, 2 or 10 hours) and then log in again and repeat the process

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