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Удобный прогноз погоды у Вас в трее

Tray Weather Forecast

Значок в трее показывает текущую температуру воздуха в выбранном городе. При клике на нем всплывает окошко с прогнозом на 3-9 дней. Есть почасовый прогноз на 2-3 дня. Огромная база городов со всего мира. Требуется интернет и Win2000 или выше

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weather, forecast, desktop, tray, hourly

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Free browser extension.

Weather Browser Plugin

Free weather extension with unique graphical representation of the current weather in a "minimized" and "extended" view. Get international weather forecasts from Weather.com in most convenient way!

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weather, forecast, plugin, addon

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3 year business forecast and 12 month budget.

Forecast and Budget Builder Excel

The Forecast and Budget Builder is a streamlined tool to develop a 3 year business forecast with Sensitivity Analysis and a 12 month budget. It can be utilized for existing and proposed businesses or products/services. Easy to use and interpret.

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business, forecast, budget, sensitivity, performance

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Get your private weather forecast


Get your private weather forecast directly from Yahoo. This covers nearly every location over the world. Working in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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software, weather, forecast

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ArtfulBits Weather Forecast add-in

Weather Forecast

ArtfulBits Weather Forecast add-in displays weather forecast for virtually any city around the globe. With Weather Forecast add-in you will be able to provide your SharePoint users with simple and visually appealing tool.

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weather, O365, SharePoint, online, add-in

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Бесплатный анимированный прогноз погоды PDA.

Animated Weather Free

Бесплатный реалистичный анимированный видео прогноз погоды для Windows mobile Pocket PC PDA.

Ключевые слова:
weather, forecast, animated, free, PC

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Realtime weather conditions and forecasts.


Weather Forecast delivers realtime weather conditions and forecasts, directly to your desktop. You no longer have to search for weather forecast for every place in the world.

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desktop, weather, info, forecast, software

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Бесплатный анимированный прогноз погоды PDA.

Touch Weather Free

Бесплатный реалистичный анимированный видео прогноз погоды для Windows mobile Pocket PC PDA.

Ключевые слова:
windows mobile, weather, forecast, animated, Video effects

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Get the most current weather forecasts.

SterJo Weather Forecast

SterJo Weather Forecast is a simple and free app that shows the most current weather conditions.

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weather, weather forecast, weather condition, weather app, desktop weather app

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Weather Gizmo - Weather at your Fingertips

Weather Gizmo

Get live and accurate worldwide weather information on your desktop, including extended forecasts and alerts. No wasting time searching or browsing. Try it now, It's absolutely FREE!

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weather, weather gizmo, weather gadget, weather app, weather application

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