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Editor for Real User Website Monitoring

AF Free Website Monitoring Script Editor

Editor for Real User Website Monitoring. AlertFox is a revolutionary new website transaction monitoring service that is capable of keeping tabs on the function and performance of all websites, even those that use AJAX, Flash, Flex, and Silverlight.

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Website Monitoring, Free Website Monitoring, Real Browser Monitoring, Real User Monitoring

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Website Monitoring Software.


Website Monitoring Software. Accurately tests server response using Active Ping technology,checks DNS resolution and verifies HTTP visibility to insure that your website is online, visible and running smoothly. Notifies you when your website fails

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website monitoring software, web site monitor, website, monitor, URL

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monitoring website status and performance

Radar Website Monitor

Radar Website Monitor is a multithreaded website monitoring tool, watching different protocols, including HTTP(S), SMTP, POP3, FTP, TCP. It can log the server performance, generate real-time reports, and notify you upon detection of problem or error.

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website monitor, website monitoring, website performance, host monitor, server monitor

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PC Monitoring utility record instant message

PC Monitoring Software Keylogger

www.digitalpccare.com website offers PC Monitoring Software Keylogger captures system activities saved in hidden encrypted log file formats.

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PC, internet, monitoring, software, record

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ServerRadar is a powerful website monitor.

ServerRadar Website Monitor

ServerRadar is a powerful and easy to use website monitoring software. It can monitoring your website, mail server, ftp server, Database server and DNS server. Immediate notification in the event of server errors and HTML reports are also available.

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Server Monitor, Server Monitoring, Website Monitoring, Website Monitor, Database Monitor

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monitor the status of multiple website

Website Uptime Monitoring Tool

Website Uptime Monitoring Tool allows webmaster and website owners to monitor the status of multiple website.

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website, webmaster, uptime, downtown, monitor

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Cost effective Website Monitoring tool

Website Monitoring

Evaluate website performance with Website Monitoring program available on www.data-recovery-usb-drive.com helps to determine website real time status and increasing performance of website by keeping eye on office, home or any business network.

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Website, monitoring, tool, application, business

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Network website server monitoring utility

Expert Website Monitor

Website monitoring tool provides real time performance report of websites or network that helps webmaster to minimize website downtime. Monitoring software increases organization and home network efficiency.

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Network, internet, website, server, IP

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Website monitoring and alert software.

Website Modification Sentry

Website Modification Sentry is an easy to use desktop application that enables you to spy on your competitors or even safeguard your website(s) from hackers as it automatically alerts you to any website modifications.

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Easily track changes in multiple sites.

Monitoring Mania

Monitoring Mania is an easy to use and effective desktop application that you can use to track changes in multiple sites - be it your own as well as your competitor's! It will free your hands in having to constantly look up changes.

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monitor websites, orgreenic, website monitoring, website modification alert, buy orgreenic

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