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Fix High Cpu Usage  problem and clean up PC.

Smart High Cpu Usage Fixer Pro

High CPU Usage Fixer is recommended by many experts and users as the world's best computer fixer and registry cleaner. Over 9,500,000 people have already chosen High CPU Usage Fixer to fix PC error! Try it now for FREE!

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CPU Usage Reduce Tool,high cpu usage 100

CPU Usage Rate Decrease/Reduction Tool

CPU Usage Rate Decrease/Reduction Tool,high cpu usage 100,reduce cpu usage,cpu usage rate decrease tool, http://www.cpuusage100.com/ , cpu usage 100 , cpu us

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CPU Usage Rate DecreaseReduction Tool, high cpu usage 100, reduce cpu usage, cpu usage rate decrease tool, httpwww.cpuusage100.com

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Smart System Idle Process Problem Fixer Pro

Smart System Idle Process Problem Fixer Pro

Smart System Idle Process Problem Fixer Pro can not only System Idle Process Problem but also instantly solve your computer problems by automatically diagnosing and fixing various system errors. With just 3 steps you can easily fix annoying problems.

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how to fix System Idle Process Problem, repair System Idle Process Problem error, System Idle Process Problem Fixer, fixing System Idle Process Problem

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Automatically log your CPU usage to files.

Log CPU Usage

Monitor your CPU usage over time is to log the percentage to a file at repeating intervals. Log CPU Usage is a tool that makes this easy for all users.

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export directory structure, excel, export directory csv, list, export directory list

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Monitoring your processor,RAM usage and other

All CPU Meter

All CPU Meter is a most popular and most wanted gadget in Microsoft desktop gadgets gallery. It will show your processor usage (up to 24 cores), Ram usage, CPU Frequency, name of processor (Intel or AMD).

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windows, Desktop, Gadgets, Sidebar, Meter

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Smart Win32 Error Fixer Pro is excellent!

Smart Win32 Error Fixer Pro

Smart Win32 Error Fixer Pro is recommended by many experts and users as the world's best Win32 Error fixer. It can not only fix Win32 Error but also other, if you want to know what are they you can have a try! You will be surprised!

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how to fix Win32 Error, repair Win32 Error error, Win32 Error Fixer, fixing Win32 Error

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A free CPU meter for your desktop

Big Meter Pro

A free CPU meter for your desktop, along with two dials for the memory and disk (partition) usage, and an alarm clock. This is a simple and nice utility,allowing you to monitor and easily read a few of the important computer parameters.

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CPU, usage, desktop, memory, clock

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Utility to repair registry and scan and remove com

Registry Fixer

Registry fixer software scans the Windows registry and finds incorrect or obsolete information in the registry. By fixing these obsolete information in Windows registry, your system will run faster and error free.

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registry fixer, registry cleaner, registry cleaners, registry repair, windows registry cleaner

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Advanced File Fixer is the windows file fixer

Advanced File Fixer

Advanced File Fixer is the industry-leading Windows file fixer that enables you instantly to fix all types of broken or unknown file extensions. Learn more.

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Advanced File Fixer, file fix, Fix file problems

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Monitors temperatures, voltages, fan speeds

SensorsView Pro

SensorsView is a utility, that monitors the temperature of your CPU, northbridge, motherboard, VGA and hard disks, voltages and fan speeds (as supported by your motherboard).

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sensor, chip, temperatures, voltages, cpu

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