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IQ testing program

IQ testing software

One of the best iq tests. This iq test is able to measure your intelligence quotient (iq) very accurately and quickly. It contains tests of varying psychological validity. It also contains several tests that can measure different abilities.

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Prepare for iq tests with this training soft

IQ Trainers

Prepare for iq tests with this training soft, increase your iq level quickly and effectively. This software package contains two programs: IQ Trainer and Memory Trainer, first increases your IQ score and overall intelligence, second improves memory

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This IQ Quiz measures tests intelligence

IQ Quiz

Test your intelligence with this iq quiz. It measures your intelligence quotient by determining your iq score. You can find additional informational about IQ testing and standard deviation in the web. It is scientifically proved that iq tests work

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Program that tests your iq

IQ Test

Iq testing software that measures your intelligence. This is a classic IQ test that consists of 100 questions and accurately tests your intelligence. If your iq test score is too low this program also gives you recommendations how you can improve it

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Improve your memory and boost iq score

IQ & eidetic trainer

Improve your memory and boost iq tests score with this amazing program. The program is based on a complex neurophisiologic mechanism that can be used for intelligence improvement. Your iq test score will grow up in several days. IQ Trainer also cont

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Develop photographic memory.

Memory & IQ Trainer

Improve your memory and develop photographic memory with this software. Memory Trainer is a part of IQ Test Trainer package that allows you to improve your memory and increase your IQ test score.

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Quickly measures your iq test score.

IQ test for everyone

This short iq test quickly measures your iq test score. This quiz may be taken by everyone- adults, teen and kids. It determines your iq score and also contains a program that can be used to improve your iq quiz score.

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Very accurate IQ test

IQ Test (NASA)

This is not an "entertaining" IQ test, it will never tell you that you're a genius if you actually aren't one. But don't be discouraged, it is OK to be normal. You will have 40 minutes to answer 20 untrivial questions.

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Precise iq test with multiple options.

Precise IQ Test

Precise IQ quiz that estimates your intelligence. It also contains special program that allows you to improve your iq test score. That program is very simple yet powerful. At the program's homepage you can also find several extremely difficult tests

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IQ Game is a classic board game

IQ Game

IQ Game is a famous logic puzzle that will increase your IQ level. It is quick to play, much to think, and think in advance. You will play against computer in two modes: "Pinky" or "Brain". The goal is to occupy as much cells as possible.

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