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Virto Bulk File Delete for SharePoint 2010

Virto SharePoint 2010 Bulk File Delete

Virto Bulk File Delete is a web part for SharePoint. It's built for quick deleting files from SharePoint 2010 document libraries. File Deleter is designed for SharePoint 2010 and built on Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.

Ключевые слова:
SharePoint 2010 Bulk File Delete, SharePoint 2010 web parts, SharePoint 2010 File Deleter

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Virto Bulk File Download for SharePoint

Virto Bulk File Download for SharePoint

Virto Bulk File Download is a web part for SharePoint. It's built for quick downloading files to SharePoint document libraries. File Download is designed for SharePoint Release 3 and built on Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.

Ключевые слова:
SharePoint Bulk File Download, SharePoint web parts, SharePoint File Downloader

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Quick preview of your SharePoint libraries

Document Library Preview for SharePoint

This SharePoint extension saves loads of time by allowing you to quickly preview documents as text. It also saves you the trouble of having to install anything to preview a library or document - the necessary conversions are done on the server!

Ключевые слова:
web parts, sharepoint extentions, sharepoint features, document, library

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Auto-set files' name as title

SharePoint Document Auto Title

SharePoint Document Auto Title provides a SharePoint workflow template named "Document Auto Title Workflow" to automatically set title for documents when documents are uploaded or modified.

Ключевые слова:
SharePoint Document Auto Title, SharePoint document, SharePoint documents, SharePoint workflow, SharePoint workflows

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Proficiently Restore SharePoint Search Items

Restore SharePoint Search Items

Use an ideal tool to restore SharePoint search items after repairing corruptions. SharePoint recovery software permits to repair SharePoint search database, document libraries etc. Use it & accomplishes SharePoint search library recovery task.

Ключевые слова:
restore sharepoint search items, restore search data from sharepoint, repair sharepoint search database, sharepoint search list items repair, sharepoint search library recovery

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External data connector for SharePoint

External Data Connector for SharePoint

Importing and sharing external data on SharePoint is made possible with External Data Connector for SharePoint. This imports files, properties and databases from external sources into SharePoint Lists and Libraries.

Ключевые слова:
connect external data to sharepoint, import data into sharepoint, sharepoint import, sql to sharepoint, sharepoint updated

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Система управления документами BI Share

BI Share

Система управления документами BI Share для SharePoint расширяет, упрощает и ускоряет работу с Библиотеками документов и другими типами справочников портала

Ключевые слова:
SharePoint, BI Share, document management system

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Move SharePoint Content in Office 365 Easily

Move SharePoint Content in Office 365

Attain move SharePoint content in Office 365 task or upgraded SharePoint version in a couple of minutes. Our solution allows to move content from SharePoint 2007 to 2010 & gives the brief summary of migrated data.

Ключевые слова:
move sharepoint content, move sharepoint content in office 365, move content from sharepoint 2007 to 2010, move content from online sharepoint, moving sharepoint content in other version

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Restore Microsoft SharePoint 2003

Restore Microsoft SharePoint 2003

Enable to restore Microsoft SharePoint 2003/2007 data with Microsoft SharePoint recovery tool. It facilitates the user to repair errors and recover Microsoft SharePoint 2003/2007 data. If you get any type of crisis then freely contact support staff.

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restore microsoft sharepoint 2003, recover microsoft sharepoint 2007, recover microsoft sharepoint 2003, restore microsoft sharepoint 2007, microsoft sharepoint recovery tool

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Add file to SharePoint immensely in secure.

Add File to SharePoint

Add file to SharePoint tools is available for free download, start add file to SharePoint securely and efficiently in batch. Add single or multiple file(s) to SharePoint document library immensely without any hassles.

Ключевые слова:
add file to sharepoint, add file to sharepoint document library, add file to sharepoint tools, how to add file to sharepoint

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