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Magic the Gathering Deck/Collection Builder

MTG Studio

MTG Studio is Magic the Gathering Deck and Collection editor. The product has various deck creation capabilities (advanced multiple-criteria searches, filters and user-defined grouping). Over 27800 cards from all editions ever released are supported.

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Deck Lighting products

Deck Lighting

With the right deck lighting you can stay out long after the sun goes down. Visit http://deck-lighting.net for the best deck lighting products from most trusted brands and save up to 80% with free shipping on orders over $50.

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В битве участвуют по 10 кораблей

Sea Battle

В битве участвуют по 10 кораблей с каждой стороны - 4 однопалубных, 3 двухпалубных, 2 трехпалубных и 1 четырехпалубный. Во время своего хода постарайтесь угадать местоположение вражеского корабля

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free game, logic game, puzzle

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Secure the Deck is an action game for free.

Secure the Deck

Secure the Deck is an action game for free. Fly your helicopter carefully as you move your troops into position on the different types of boats. A ship is rolling on high seas. You need to drop your crew to land at designated points on the deck.

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secure, deck, strategy, action

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2 deck Golf Solitaire, freeware card game

Golf Solitaire (2 Deck)

Two Deck Golf Solitaire is a free Golf Solitaire card game for the PC, played with two decks instead of just one deck. The game begins with 9 columns of 7 cards each. The game is played with a single foundation which can be built up or down.

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solitaire, golf, cards, game, freeware

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Азартная игра в карточного подкидного дурака


Азартная игра в карточного подкидного дурака с пятью соперниками одновременно. Сохранение состояния соперников после выхода из игры. Переводной дурак, замена любого соперника после раздачи, сортировка карт соперников, замедление времени

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free game, card game

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Make any card game you want or play our 30+

Virtual Deck Of Cards

Some of our specialty card games include, Spades, Black Jack (with a card counter), Gin, Tetricon Poker, and other games.However, we are also introducing our all new Virtual Deck. Now you can make your own card games. Plus we give you bonus games.

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Destroy all opponent ships first

FreeSweetGames Sea Battle

Hidden from each other, players places 10 ships in their own playing area. Shooting at the cells, the player must guess a location of the opponent ships.

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logic game, puzzle

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A popular Russian card game.

FreeSweetGames Durak

A popular Russian card game against the 1 - 5 opponents at once. You can load the card pack and card backs into the game.

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logic game, card game, fool

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Egyptian Colorado Solitaire card game.

Egyptian Colorado Solitaire

Egyptian Colorado Solitaire is a version of the card game Colorado with an Egyptian theme. Colorado is a 2 deck game where you need to build on 8 suit piles. 4 of the suit piles are built up from Ace to King by suit, the others from King to Ace.

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Egyptian Solitaire, Colorado, Colorado Solitaire, Free Colorado Solitaire, Solitaire Card Game

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