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Food nutrition facts windows vista gadget.

Food Nutrition Facts Vista Gadget

The Food Nutrition Facts Gadget for Windows Vista Sidebar is the first of its kind on the internet offering food nutrition facts for 7000 food products.

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vista, sidebar, gadget, windows, food

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Nutrition Articles & Information | Nutrition

Nutrition Information

Nutrition Articles & Information | Nutrition Products | Nutrition Facts

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Nutrition, Articles, Information, |, Nutrition

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Build nutrition reports and compare fruits

Fruit Nutrients Comparer

This tool allows you to check nutrition facts and make reports for hundreds of fruits, it also lets you compare different fruits by creating a comparison report. Reports include charts and gaphs with nutrition values for 30 nutrients.

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nutrition, facts, food, nutritional, info

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Personal Training Software, Nutrition Tracker

Private Coach

The Personal Training Software "Private Coach" serves as a Virtual Trainer and Nutrition Expert, providing health advice geared towards your goals. Your workouts will become more effective and enjoyable, keeping you motivated for years to come!

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Personal Training Software, Personal Training, Personal Trainer, Exercises, Exercising

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Stores recipes and tracks daily nutrition.

Recipe Catalog

Recipe Catalog stores your favorite recipes and gives you detailed nutrition information. It also allows you to keep a daily food diary to keep track of your nutrition needs. Recipe Catalog comes with a database of 2000 ingredients.

Ключевые слова:
recipe catalog, recipe database, recipe collection, recipe nutrition, nutrition information

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Nutrition Calculator

Nutrition Calculator

Program allows: to maintain the database of products; to maintain the database of recipes; to keep separate diaries of food; to calculate nutrition (protein, fats, carb. and calories); to make monthly statistic on consumption of protein, fats, carb.

Ключевые слова:
calculator, nutrition, calorie, protein, fat

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Cyberkitchen recipe and nutrition software

Now Youre Cooking!

Award-winning cyberkitchen recipe and nutrition software for Windows 7/Vista/XP/Me/2K/9x/NT4. Cuts hours off organizing recipes, meal plans, nutrition analysis, shopping lists, grocery cost management.

Ключевые слова:
recipe software, cooking software, recipe, cooking, cookbook

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Automatic time tracking solution for your PC.

Work Time Tracking

Automatic computer time tracking solution: tracks applications/documents, games and Internet time, works in the background without interrupting your work, tracks time under projects you work on. Comprehensive reports help you to analyze your time.

Ключевые слова:
tracking, track, monitor, monitoring, analyze

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Manage your nutrition, fitness and diet plan.

Weight Wizard

Weight Wizard is a nutrition and weight management program that allows you to easily keep track of your exercise, fitness, nutrition, recipes, measurements and weight loss. Weight Wizard turns your computer into your own personal weight loss clinic.

Ключевые слова:
diet, weight, loss, health, nutrition

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Web-Based Issue Tracker,Bug Tracking Software

Isssue Tracking Anywhere

Issue Tracking Anywhere is a web-based, bug & issue tracking system designed for work item tracking, project tracking, customer support and software development.

Ключевые слова:
bug tracking, issue tracking, free bug tracker, issue tracking system, issue tracker

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