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Paradox Repair software

Kernel Paradox - File Repair Software

Kernel for Paradox Recovery software is competent tool to fix Paradox database files that are corrupt.

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Repairs data from corrupt paradox databases

Nucleus Kernel Paradox Database Repair

Nucleus Kernel Paradox repairs corrupt [.db] paradox database files. The software uses quick algorithm to scan and repair the corrupted [.db] paradox database file.

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Recover Paradox database in easy way

Recover Paradox Database

Recover Paradox database files smoothly with Kernel for Paradox database repair. It recover complete data such as primary keys, foreign keys, table, indexes and others from the Paradox DB file.

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Paradox Recovery Software

Paradox Recovery

Kernel for Paradox is proficiently designed Paradox recovery software that can send off all your Paradox database file corruption worries.

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Own a marvelous Paradox database repair tool

Paradox Database Repair

Download the free version of Paradox database recovery and recover your inaccessible items instantly. With the trial version, you can preview the recovered items. For saving, you need to have the full version of Kernel for Paradox.

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Instant recovery of paradox database files

Download Paradox Recovery

Do you want to download paradox recovery tool? Try Kernel for Paradox Database Recovery and perform instant recovery of lost and inaccessible .db files. Don??™t??™ forget to check the minimums system requirements before starting the download.

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ParadoxRecovery fixes damaged Paradox files


ParadoxRecovery is a data recovery software for damaged Paradox database files (.DB). Recovers tables and table data. Creates new .DB files and writes restored information there. Supports file versions 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10.

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Paradox database password recovery tool.

Paradox Password

Paradox Password by Thegrideon Software is a Paradox database password recovery tool. It allows you to recover Paradox passwords from any database table files (*.db; *.px; *.xnn; *.xgn; *.ygn) regardless of database engine version or password length.

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Kernel Recovery for Paradox Software

Kernel for paradox recovery

Kernel Recovery for Paradox tool allows you perform effective recovery of data of inaccessible .DB paradox database files that has got corrupted due to abrupt system shutdown, unexpected software crash or damaged primary keys or foreign keys.

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Fast convert for Paradox tables

Paradox to MS Access converter

This tool allow to save the records from Paradox table (.db) into MS Access database.
Application don't use any external libraries (no BDE, no ODBC, no ADO etc)
All field types supported.

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db viewer, paradox viewer, db view, paradox data viewer, reading paradox file

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