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If you are a pet lover...

Funny Pets Screensaver

If you are a pet lover... if you have a good sense of humor... if you like unusual comic images to decorate your desktop... this free Funny Pets Screensaver is what you need.

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AiPetz are virtual pets to chat with.


AiPetz are virtual pets who you can chat with and create a relationship with. They are based on the latest artificial intelligence. They learn, adapt, and are very good listeners. They can talk using text2speech technology.

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Humorous Pets Screensaver

Humorous Pets Screensaver

Can you imagine a dog wearing glasses, a rabbit operating a computer or a monkey working as a cameraman? You think it sounds impossible?

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Raise magical pets and fight monsters in an e

Grimm's Hatchery

Raise and breed magical pets, earn enough gold and buy back your family's castle from your evil step-brother in this mystical adventure!

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Everything you need to know about Hamsters.

Hamster Pets

Everything you need to know about Hamsters for a long and healthy life. Hamsters are common pets. Their antics provide amusement and they are soft and cuddly companions.

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Pets delight in lovely clock

Alien Pet's Clock ScreenSaver

Time makes things come together. Pets delight in lovely clock. Love makes the world better ever. Get this amazing screensaver - you will have something to talk!

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Screen Saver Funny Jokes with pets, Quick way

Quick ways to lose weight

Screen Saver Funny Jokes with pets, Most funny screen saver you will ever see, Discover Quick ways to lose weight

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Find lost pets with PJ Pride Pet Detective.

PJ Pride Pet Detective

PJ Pride Pet Detective is a hidden object game in which the player follows the pet detective, PJ, on her journey to find many lost pets that have mysteriously gone missing from her town. There are no less than 96 scenes to work through!

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Sparticles are the first Virtual Collectibles


The Sparticles are the first line of Virtual Interactive Collectibles from the YummyWorks Astrofactory. These downloadable, 3D animated, desktop creatures were discovered in the 8th dimension.

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Desktop toys, desktop characters, digital pets, desktop pets, desktop buddies

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Pretty Cute Salon is an simulation game.

Pretty Cute Salon

Taking care of pets takes time! Help these busy people by taking care of their pets and earn good money! Make sure you care for them before the time runs out. Do whatever the cute animals request to keep them satisfied!

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Pretty Cute Salon, simulation

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