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Canadian Postal Codes with geographical data.

Canadian Postal Codes

Download the Canadian Postal Codes database. 809 036 precise (6 characters format) records are in the Canadian Postal Codes package. The package includes: Postal code, Latitude, Longitude. Latitudes and longitudes are to within 0.00001.

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canadian postal codes, Canada postal code, canadian zip codes, postalcodes, Canadian postal code

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French Postal Codes with geographical info.

French Postal Codes

Download the French Postal Codes database. 39 002 precise records of French Postal Codes. French Postal Codes are in five-digit format. The fields included Postal Code, City, Province, Latitude, Longitude. Latitudes and longitudes are to within 0.001

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French Postal Code, postal code, download, postal info, latitude

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Banking barcode label generating software

Postal Barcodes Label Software

Utilize best featured Postal Barcodes Label Software that helps user to create bulk numbers of bar code tags and stickers with different text values simultaneously.

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Postal barcode label application, post office bar coding software, postal barcode tool, banking bar coding utility, post office bar code maker

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Lookup USA city by ZIP, postal code or name

ZIP Pointer

Lookup USA and Canada towns by ZIP, postal code or name and show them on a North American map. It helps you to check customer information, verify postal addresses, and reduce credit card fraud.

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geo, city, locate, map

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Barcode utility creates wonderful tags

Design Postal Barcode

Barcode label maker software gives best solution for generating barcode tags, stickers and labels according to your requirements. Download label maker program that helps to Design Postal Barcode in simple mouse clicks.

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Colorful barcode making software, stylish barcode label generator, design postal barcode, barcode list generating tool, generate wonderful barcode stickers

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Postal Business Barcode Software create label

Postal Business Barcode Software

Easy to use Postal Business Barcode Software available at www.employeeattendance.org to design postal service stamps and stickers using advanced barcode designing objects.

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Postal, Business, Barcode, Software, program

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Postal sector specific barcode creating tool

Postal Barcode Maker

Expertise Postal Barcode Maker software offers flexible printing settings to print designed barcode labels, tags, and stickers for labeling banking or postal documents without any difficulty or complexity.

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Postal barcode designer program, bank barcode tags maker software, creates postal sector specific labels, designs unlimited bank labels, creates stunning postal stickers

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Windows postal barcode labeling software

Post Office Barcodes Software

Compatible to Windows operating system Post Office Barcodes Software provides advanced image designing objects like pencil, line, rectangle, ellipse, picture etc to create user customized bar code stickers.

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Postal bar coding program, bank barcode labeling software, 2D font barcode application, generates multiple barcode stickers, download postal barcodes

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United States ZIP Codes Database Subscription

US ZIP Code Database Mixed Case Edition

ZIPCodeWorld United States Gold Edition with Mixed Case City Name ZIP Codes Database includes 5-Digit ZIP code, city name, alias name, state code, county name, FIPS, time zone, latitude, elevation, MSA, PMSA and Census 2000 data.

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zip code, mixed case city name, uppercase name, zip codes, zipcode

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Application to design postal barcode

Postal Barcode Label Software

Highly reliable and impressive Postal Barcode Label Software is able for producing a large number of postal barcodes of unique shape like ellipse, circle, square etc to label postal details.

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Postal barcode maker tool, design customized bank barcode, print colorful barcode labels, create postal stickers, make bank tags

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