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Help you name your software right and easy

Shareware Name Analyzer

Shareware name analysis tool to help you don't name duplicate name as another software. Easy to find if there is existed / duplicate software name in 30000 software library. Also offers word frequency of your software name in all the 30000 software.

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shareware, sharewares, shareware name, shareware name analyzer, software

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Professional network analyzer.

AirGrab Network Packet Analyzer

AirGrab Network Packet Analyzer is a professional network analyzer (also known as protocol analyzer and packet sniffer), Network Packet Analyzer performs real-time packet capturing, network monitoring, advanced protocol analyzing and much more.

Ключевые слова:
network, network analyzer, tcp, ip, udp

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AdWord Analyzer X Pro

AdWord Analyzer X Pro

AdWord Analyzer X Pro. Easy to use software that will help you get the best out of your keyword ad campaigns.

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adwords analyzer, adwords, google adwords, adwords analyzer x pro

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Start and run a successful shareware business

Shareware Authors Resource Guide

Whether you're a veteran shareware author or you are just starting your shareware business, this FREE, award-winning guide will provide you valuable information about how to start and run a successful shareware business.

Ключевые слова:
shareware, author, guide, distribution, authors

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Is your endpoint patched properly?

MaaS360?® Patch Analyzer

Are you certain that your endpoints are patched properly? The free MaaS360 Patch Analyzer makes it simple to find out. MaaS360 Patch Analyzer will scan any Windows-based machine and report on both the installed and missing patches.

Ключевые слова:
MaaS360 Patch Analyzer, patch, analyzer, compliance, remote

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Download Convert DBX to PST Shareware

Convert DBX to PST Shareware

Give a try to convert dbx to pst shareware tool to convert dbx to pst in easy steps. DBX to PST Shareware successfully supports its users to convert dbx to pst files of Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000, etc.

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convert dbx to pst shareware, convert dbx to pst, convert dbx files to pst, convert .dbx to .pst, dbx to pst shareware

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HTTP and HTTPS Analyzer for IEand Firefox

IE HTTP Analyzer

HTTP(s) Protocol Analyzer,integrates into the lower part of your IE and Firefox browser. It allows you to capture HTTP/HTTPS traffic in real-time. It doesn't change your Windows system files and no device drivers or proxies have to be installed.

Ключевые слова:
HTTP Analyzer, HTTPS Analyzer, HTTP Analyzer, HTTPS viewer, IE HTTP Analyzer

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Email Header Analyzer to Analyze Email Header

Email Header Analyzer Tool

Email Header Analyzer tool a forensics tools which is capable of executing the practices of ???how to analyze email headers??? and other parts of it thoroughly to the nucleus. Email analyzer aspect on the other hand enables one to analyze email header.

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email header analyzer, analyze email header, email analyzer, how to analyze email headers, email examiner

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fundamental stock analyzer for value investor

Stock Analyzer

Get the tool that analyzes stocks like professional money managers. Quickly identify profitable and money making stocks with the automated fundamental stock analyzer. One-click fundamental analysis and stock valuation to find intrinsic value.

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stock analyzer, stock price calculator, fundamental stock analyzer, stock analysis software, stock price analyzer

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horseback riding las vegas keyword analyzer.

Horseback Riding Las Vegas

horseback riding las vegas keyword analyzer. This is for your internet explorer.horseback riding las vegas keyword analyzer has links to horseback riding las vegas information.

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horseback riding las vegas, las vegas horseback, horseback las vegas, las vegas horseback tours

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